Introducing the Unique theme…again

As many of you know, I created the Unique theme WordPress theme as part of an experiment one year ago. It was the only commercial theme I’ve had on this site since the early days.

Now that the experiment is over, I wanted to give back to the Theme Hybrid and WordPress communities. So, I’ve now made Unique a free theme for download on the theme repository.

About the theme

Unique theme screenshot

Unique is a WordPress for magazine-style Web sites. I may have went a little overboard with some of its features, but I wanted to try out some different ideas that I think turned out fairly well.

The following is a list of features that are unique to the Unique theme.

  • Custom magazine front page template. This template uses no settings page. It loads sticky posts and various post formats to display your content.
  • Speaking of a theme settings page, this theme doesn’t have one. How many magazine themes can claim that feat?
  • Most commented posts widget.
  • User profile widget.
  • Gallery (post format) widget.
  • Image (post format) widget.
  • The first WordPress theme to support my new Whistles plugin, which allows you to build tabs, toggles, and accordions.

These are just features in addition to the normal level of features you get with any theme from Theme Hybrid.

Download the theme.

You can grab a copy of the theme and see the demo from the Unique theme page or get the theme from the theme repository.

Please enjoy this theme. If you have any support questions, be sure to drop by the support forums.


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