Hybrid WordPress Theme: Beta

Okay, so the theme doesn’t look like that snazzy picture up there. I was just playing around in Photoshop for a bit.

As the title mentions, I’m releasing the Hybrid Theme Beta. What this means is that this should be a fully-functional theme, but there are still some things that need to be ironed out, mostly with stylesheets.

So, if you’re looking to test out a theme framework, now’s the time. Even though most of the testing has been done on WordPress 2.7 (trunk), it should work on versions 2.5 and up.

Right now, I’m looking to hear your thoughts on functionality. I still have to spruce of the design a bit, but I want to make sure this thing’s working first.

Theme settings

I think by now just about everyone knows I like to play around with theme settings and add loads of different options in the backend. Well, Hybrid is no different. However, this time, the focus is on content and relaying that information to readers and search engines in a way that helps your site grow without you doing a lot of code editing.

(Click on the image for a larger view of the theme settings page.)

Hybrid Theme Settings

I think you’ll enjoy some of the built-in options available. I wanted to make a theme that’s core purpose was about content.

Post and Page settings

What? Even more settings? Yep.

This theme will give you an extra meta box called Hybrid Settings when you’re writing a post or page. It’ll allow you to add important information, such as the title, description, and keywords (meta information). There’s also a place to input a thumbnail URL.

Theme Post Meta Boxes

WordPress 2.7 compatibility

Since I’ve been building this theme entirely on 2.7, it works with all the new, cool, snazzy features like sticky posts, comment paging, and comment threading.

Also, the demo is running on WP 2.7, so you can try out the comment threading there.

There’s loads more

I won’t be able to even scratch the surface in this post when it comes to all the features of this theme.

I tried to cover some of it in the readme.html file, which is also included with the download. I’ll be sure to document all the neat features once the official release is out.

Download and demo

What I’m looking for is a little feedback on how the theme functions. So, please download, enjoy, and report back!

Note: This theme hasn’t been tested on any version of Internet Explorer yet. I’ve only ran it through Firefox and Opera.


  1. Great, Have been waiting for it from some time.
    Is it ready to work on the live blog?

  2. It should work on a live blog, but I haven’t tested it on WP 2.6. I have done some testing with WP 2.5 and mostly on 2.7.

    I also just added a note to the post that I haven’t tested this on Internet Explorer yet, so there might be some glitches there.

    Overall, I think it should at least function on a live blog.

  3. A bit dark, but I still like it.

  4. Well I had to upload this right away and take a look.


    Ok I believe I set this up as a child theme correctly it works and I can select it as a theme. I will leave this up for a little while so people can view it in explorer etc Looks fine in IE 7. I have been using domain to learn theme development so it might switch back and forth with my crummy theme attempt. Hybrid is awesome so far. I needed to create the hybrid folder and drop the download under that. Some people might get confused by that.

    Otherwise all I did as the readme says is to create a new folder and what I did is just drop the default images folder and the style.css and it worked like a charm.

    I seem to lose the sidebar on a [gallery] post. I just installed it so I will play with it and give my feeble feedback.

    Thanks JT above and beyond anything I have seen.

  5. Susan
    Yeah, I’m going to try and spruce up the default style a little.

    Thanks for setting up an install. It’s nice to see it on another site with different content.

    The only problem I saw (because you made a child theme with it) is how you imported the other stylesheets. The @import should look like this:

    /* Get base CSS */
    @import url('../hybrid/library/css/base.css');
    /* Get plugins CSS */
    @import url('../hybrid/library/css/plugins.css');
  6. demetris

    Hello, Justin. I just tried 0.3rc1 in 2.6 and 2.7. In general, it looks great. Congratulations!

    A few details:

    * I like the idea of using Cambria for the body.
    * I like the page templates, especially the No Widgets one.
    * I like that Easy Contact, my favourite contact form, is perfectly styled out of the box. 🙂
    * I like the compact 404 page (but the “try to click back” part confused me a bit — why should I go back and not just do a search?).

    * In the breadcrumbs, I’d try removing “Browse:”, to see how people would like it. Breadcrumbs are getting more common, in various interfaces, and people are getting more familiar with them, so maybe it could be OK without the explanation…
    * I see something wrong with images in archive pages, when posts don’t have thumbnails or when excerpts are too short. Maybe floats need to be cleared in some way? http://op111.net/files/tmp/wp-hybrid-03rc1-archives.png
    * I did not like the 1.5em left margin of dl. (I would prefer no left margin at all for dt, and for dd whatever margin is used for lists, blockquotes etc.)
    * I would like to see a theme with “Previous Month” and “Next Month” navigation in archive pages, but I have no idea how this could be accomodated…

  7. Thanks JT working on it at this moment – one thing I see now is a “/” in the title tag of your new SEO features. It seems to insert a “/” every time I save a post?

    I only noticed after saving it 10 times. But it appears with the extra slashes.

    This post has one after I deleted all the slashes. I will save it a couple more times so you can see.

  8. Yup I made a change to the post and now 3 slashes…

  9. Also on the posts I seemed to lose the left/right justify around images. Also it is WP 2.6.2

  10. Great feedback everyone. Keep it coming!

    I’m going to spruce up the 404 a bit with these suggestions.

    Also, the breadcrumbs are filterable from your child theme, so the “Browse” part can be edited/removed easily. I’ll have a tutorial on that once this thing is officially released.

    I’ve never thought about the previous/next month thing. It sounds like an interesting idea.

    I’ll see about stripping those slashes. Thanks for pointing that out.

  11. Craig
    The extra slashes are added on quotation marks (single or double) on WP 2.5 and 2.6. I’ve corrected it in my development version.

  12. Always had that problem in the old days of MS SQL. Quotes Quotes.

  13. Ok I updated the CSS thx my bad

  14. Cool theme..)))

  15. Does it come in 3 columns? I’m looking to switch from blogger to wordpress hosted on my own site, but would like to also change from 2 columns to 3.


  16. You can easily make it be three columns with a little CSS, but it’s two columns by default.

  17. Bradford

    Looks good! I’ll try it out. I would suggest packaging the theme so when people open the zip they can just drag a ‘hybrid’ folder from the zip to their themes directory. Keep up the good work!

    1. Bradford
      If you only knew how many people screw up installing the theme when packaging two folders named hybrid, you definitely wouldn’t suggest that. 😉

  18. Ruben

    I love your theme, it’s simple and yet so powerful. I am spending whole day adding this and that widget. It’s amazing how many plugin-s work so nicely with your theme. I agree on the tip by Brad.. above.

    Also, you should put a brief info on what users whould have to do to get their theme look like the one shown on the DEMO ??? I see a few concern on cross-browser compability, but having seen a bunches of sites using this theme already, i’m not going to wait anymore !!

    Are you planning on releasing at least one widget for free ? It would be great help to some POOR (it’s not easy typing those words, believe me) people like me.

    Well, thank you so much. I will get some money from my mum and see if i can join your club to get that tabbed widget, as you have shown in your demo for hybrid news.

  19. Ruben — Thanks for the feedback.

    Also, you should put a brief info on what users whould have to do to get their theme look like the one shown on the DEMO ???

    You don’t have to do anything but install the theme. There’s an entire guide on installing it. There are no special rules or anything you have to do.

    Are you planning on releasing at least one widget for free ?

    I release widgets/plugins on my personal blog for free.

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