Hybrid version 0.5 survey results

The results are in. Everything has been tallied, and you get to see what other smart WordPress users are thinking about our favorite theme, Hybrid.

A little over a week ago, I announced the version 0.5 survey. This survey was meant to get a few more of you involved with the development process. Many of us had already been discussing the direction of the Hybrid theme, but I wanted to reach out a bit and see what some of the rest of you thought.

So, I want to thank everyone that participated. These results give me a little bit more insight into what some of you are thinking.

The results

I just wanted to note that I’m still deciding on the final features of Hybrid 0.5. Nothing is set in stone, so to speak. Many of you left great comments that can’t be properly shown in the results, and I’m still reading over quite a few of them.

We’re also still discussing 0.5 in the community forums if you want to join in.

Some things that need to be noted

While reading over many of the comments for questions 8, 9, and 10, I felt like not everyone understood what the survey was about. This may have been a lack of clarification on my part, but I’m not sure everyone understood that this survey was specifically for the Hybrid theme framework.

Another thing that I’ve had to address on several occasions is that Hybrid is not Options. It is a base framework for development. I will write a full blog post on this later to explain some of my thoughts so everyone will better understand what the Hybrid theme is meant to do.

I’m glad so many of you participated and shared your opinions. I do value them and am working to make the best themes I can.


  1. you what the main reason behind the success of Hybrid is ? continuous feedback from users .. great job .. and good luck .. 🙂

    I made a custom theme out of hybrid … have a look and let me know your thoughts ..

  2. Yeah, I like getting feedback. Sometimes, a lot of it is in the total opposite direction of where I’d like to go, but this allows me to think about how things should be implemented in child themes and/or plugins.

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