1. I have been waiting for this update, a wp 2.9+hybrid 0.7 combo
    Its time to explore it now 🙂

  2. I downloaded it from the WordPress repository a couple of days ago (I just figured that if 0.6.2 was called hybrid.0.6.2.zip, then 0.7 would be called called hybrid.0.7.zip), and it worked, but is it as up-to-date as this one?

    Other than that, I can’t wait to play around with the new custom post-templates 🙂

    1. It should be the same thing as what I submitted last week. For some reason, it just took forever to be updated.

  3. sergiofores

    Thanks Justin!

  4. Oh … never mind, I reuploaded hybrid-news (how the hell did THAT get out of date? Mea culpa) and now it’s back!

  5. Kyle D

    Thanks Justin. Looks great. Got my breadcrumbs sorted, and coverted a few hooks to contextual hooks.

    Just a quick question on contextual hooks – how do they compare performance wise? Right now I may have something like:

    add_action("hybrid_before_entry", "my_function") ;
    function my_function() {
      if (is_single()) {
         // do something
      else if (is_page('32')) {
        // do something else

    My question is, would it be better, performance wise to turn that one function into two functions and then do:

    add_action("hybrid_singular_before_entry", "my_function_if_single") ;
    add_action("hybrid_singular-page-32_before_entry", "my_function_if_page32") ;

    If you can get contexts such as: hybrid_not-singular-page-32_before_entry in 0.8 I’d be over the moon.

    1. There’ll be a lot of different scenarios, but using two different actions won’t impact performance.

  6. I like the idea of being able to modify the options page via a child theme. That really does allow it to be extended in a very pleasant way rather than having extra theme options pages strewn across the site.

    Great job 🙂

  7. rschilt


    Upgrade to 0.7 went smooth as. Excellent work!!

    A big thanks mate.


  8. Happy New Year to me. Thanks Justin.

    Looks like Ron made a Buddymatic for Hybrid (don’t know the name). I’ll be looking at his code (based on 0.6.2) and making something similar with 0.7 and WPMU 2.9RC1. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  9. thinkjayant

    Wow.. I was waiting for this version. Thanks a ton for releasing it soon. I start working on my first Hybrid 0.7 child theme.

    Regards TJ

  10. king

    usually i got 15 database queries for my blog homepage. after upgrade to hybrid 0.7, it becomes 13 queries only. it’s now faster

    great performance improvement…

  11. Hi Justin, i must thanks you for this release, im very glad 🙂

    As i said before the “$byline” is not fully translateable, it’s hardcoded in /library/functions/hook-filters.php – line 291

    I think you just forgot repair that (:

    Thanks a lot for your effort!

    1. I just tested out a translation for the byline, and it works perfectly fine.

      1. Hi Justing, thanks for the fast reply…

        It cant be, ’cause it’s hardcoded:;
        line 291: “By”
        By can’t be translated…

        im wrong?

      2. Yes, you’re incorrect. It can be translated. Not only have I tested another person’s translation, but I personally just translated it myself in two different ways: 1) a .po/.mo file set and 2) a filter on the gettext text string for the byline.

  12. Stokstaartje

    Just being cautious here: Can I perform the upgrade without having to save the plugin settings? In other words, can I perform a fully automatic upgrade?

  13. I realized that I’ve been using Hybrid on one of my blogs. Gave that up bcs of some bugs like last year, waiting for some upgrades. I’m back and from what I see it’s like a way better then it was before. Thank You for the effort

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