Hybrid version 0.6.2 theme release

I know version 0.7 of the theme is just around the corner (as soon as WordPress 2.9 is released), but wanted to go ahead and get some of the more important updates to you all.

This is a minor release but an important one.

Changes in version 0.6.2

This version is mostly about making sure all inputs (forms, translations, filters, etc.) get properly escaped on your site. Much of it is to make sure that you don’t get things like extra quotation marks in the wrong place and things like that.

I hesitate to use the word “security” because I don’t want to scare anyone. But, the WordPress escaping functions really help make things more secure, and they should be used. There are no known security exploits, but I do consider this a bit of a security-hardening release.

Some other things of note:

  • The en_EN.po file now recognizes esc_attr_e and esc_attr__. This is important as more functions in the future will use these. So, translators, be sure to add those or start from the included English files.
  • The show_post_count parameter should now work in the Archives widget.
  • Deprecated templates that will be removed in 0.7:
    • log-in.php
    • profile.php
    • register.php

Download Hybrid version 0.6.2

You can either delete your entire /hybrid folder and upload a new copy. Or, you can update from your WordPress themes page in your admin.

I hope you all enjoy this new release.


  1. I’ve been digging into the Hybrid parent theme. I’m not a developer so I don’t fully understand what’s going on within the theme, but messing with it feels easy and flexible. Love it so far.

    I tried to familiarize myself with its structure and details, then decided that was stupid and signed up for the themehybrid exclusive membership to get my hands on the guides and tutorials. That helped alot, saved me a lot of time.

    The hybrid framework sounds like it’s exactly what I need. How can I bribe you to get my hands on it earlier than scheduled… how can i get it now?

    1. Shoot me an email in the next few days, and I’ll forward you what I’ve been working on. It’s a lot more structured and organized than the current version.

  2. Don’t know much of what you did, and it may just be a mirage, but the loading time seems to have improved.

  3. sharonmiranda

    I need to downgrade to hybrid .6.2 since I didn’t notice the warning about the wordpress requirement of 3.0. But the download link here for .6.2 only lead to .8. Is there a link to .6.2??

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