Hybrid theme version 0.9

I know it’s been a long wait between Hybrid version 0.8 and 0.9, but a lot of work has been done behind the scenes in this time. I had originally planned to launch 0.9 in December, alongside WordPress 3.1. Therefore, I built 0.9 entirely on 3.1, so there’s no backwards compatibility with WordPress 3.0.

Obviously, WordPress took a little longer to update. So, I was stuck with a nearly finished update to the theme that no one could use. The good news: I built two new themes in that time that I’ll be releasing soon.

But, let’s get down to business. You want to know about version 0.9 of the Hybrid theme, right?

Running on the Hybrid Core framework

Hybrid is now completely running on the Hybrid Core framework. This was a big job because there was a ton of legacy code in the theme that needed to be separated from the framework.

What does all this mean? To the average user, not much. You’ll be able to go about your life without having to worry about all this stuff. To the developer, it means that you have a lot more tools at your disposal. It also means that all themes on this site will have the same, underlying code base.

What? Something’s different?

For those of you upgrading to version 0.9, you’ll likely notice there’s a number of changes, particularly with some settings. I typically leave code docs to exclusive members, but some of these changes have an effect on everyone. So, I wanted all Hybrid theme users to be able to see this. Keep reading if you want to know about a particular change.

Templates gone

Many of the templates have been removed. The massive number of templates in the theme before were meant to be a guide on what types of templates could be created in themes. Essentially, 99% of the code was being duplicated in these templates. Hybrid has always been about code reuse, so any unneeded templates were removed. Don’t worry though; if you’re overwriting a template that’s no longer in the Hybrid theme from within your child theme, it will still work.

For those of you that are familiar with how the template hierarchy works, you’ll now have an easier time overwriting templates globally.

Menus/widgets disappeared?

Since Hybrid is now running fully on the Hybrid Core framework, a few sidebars or menus might need to be reset. This isn’t a tough solution. Just go to Appearance > Menus and Appearance > Widgets and make sure everything is in order after upgrading.

Drop-downs script setting

In previous versions of the theme, you could check a box to disable the Superfish drop-downs JavaScript. Now, this is always turned on. However, you do have the option of disabling this. Add this code into your theme setup function within your child theme’s functions.php file.

remove_theme_support( 'hybrid-core-drop-downs' );

SEO setting

The SEO settings are now on by default. If you need to disable these, add this line of code to your theme setup function in your child theme’s fuctions.php file.

remove_theme_support( 'hybrid-core-seo' );

Feed links setting

I’ve never liked this setting because there are better, non-theme ways to redirect feed links. Check out this tutorial if you want to set a custom feed link.

Emphasis on theme setup functions

One of the things I started doing when I released the Hybrid Core framework was putting more emphasis on theme setup functions. You probably noticed I mentioned this a couple of times in the section above. Basically, it’s a way for themes to fire their functionality at certain points. A child theme setup function allows you to load your child theme functionality after the parent theme, which makes it easy to enable/disable things and not have the parent theme overwrite your changes.

So, if you’re not already doing this, I highly recommend creating a theme setup function within your child theme’s functions.php file that looks like this:

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_child_theme_setup', 11 );

function my_child_theme_setup() {

	/* Use add_action(), add_filter(), add_theme_support(), and remove_theme_support() calls here. */

I’ll likely mention this in the support forums for those of you editing your functions files, so it will be nice for you to have this set up beforehand.

This is only for people that modify their child theme’s functions.php file. If you don’t ever touch this file, don’t worry about it.


Before downloading the latest version, be certain that you’re running at least version 3.1 of WordPress. The theme will not work with older versions.

You can upgrade from the themes section in your WordPress admin or grab the latest copy from the Hybrid theme page.

I hope you all enjoy this release. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop by the support forums.


  1. You should mention that not all of Hybrid is loaded before “after_setup_theme, 11”. Some things come later at 12 and 13 so you can override their loading at 11.

    This had me puzzled (and theme crashed) for a while because one of my tweaks called Hybrid’s shortcode-related function and it failed at 11.

  2. sciamannikoo

    Wouldn’t be easier to just set the priority to a very high number (e.g. 99) or a very low one (e.g. 0 or 1), so there will be a lower risk of overriding other things?

    1. It would depend on what you were doing. The above is just a basic example.

  3. mp

    Thank God. For a moment there I thought you had abandoned us for a career in Hollywood writing screenplays. I worried that I was going to next see your name in “rolling credits” rather than a style.css file.

    If I were asked, I’d like to see a “roll-up” of everything we’ve learned in the last six months or so in am upgraded News-type parent theme, extending beyond Prototype’s use of the Hybrid Core into Hybrid News territory – but also incorporating custom post types and the advanced taxonomy features now available in WP 3.1 – in that “make it understandible-in-the-code” manner that you’re famous for.

    Throw in the proposed site changes, a refresh of your plugins, and a copy of Kirby for Hybrid – and I’d be hard pressed to complain… On the other hand, I’m never unhappy even when your prolific output takes a direction that Im completely unaware of 😉


    1. One of the proposed site changes is coming this week. I’m just wrapping up some final stuff for it. Keep a look out for this in the next day or two.

      I’ve got some ideas about a news-type theme though. There’s just a couple of other themes I need to roll out first, but it’s at least in the works (in idea form anyway).

      I’d forgotten all about Kirby. That was a cool theme. I’m sure I have a copy laying around somewhere…

  4. glenpridgen

    I second the coolness of Kirby and would love to get a link to it.

  5. atreidex

    SEO support won’t go away using the remove_theme_support ();

    function outline_setup_theme() {
    	remove_theme_support( 'hybrid-core-seo' );

    Nothing happens, the Document Title, Meta, etc. are still present on the page editor.


    1. I am having the same problem. It is frustrating, as I am using WordPress SEO plugin and have noindex, nofollow on some areas of my sites, but the firsts robot meta generated is by Hybrid and it is index, follow by default.

      1. Mike McKoy In reply to Graeme Wilson

        You guys aren’t alone. this is driving me nuts.

    2. Mike McKoy

      how did you resolve this? having the same problem.

      1. In reply to Mike McKoy

        To date, I haven’t resolved this. And no official word from Justin…

        Maybe over the long weekend I’ll dig through the hybrid core code and see if I can find what is stopping it from working.

    3. If you need help using a feature of the theme, please ask all support questions in the support forums.

  6. So, does Hybrid News 0.3 work running on Hybrid 0.9? Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Always improving, thanks!

  8. hypergolica

    Hi Justin,

    I too would like to know if upgrading from Hybrid 0.8 to 0.9 poses any risk to the Hybrid News Theme. You mention above that some Widgets may disappear. Can you elaborate on that? I use quite a lot of widgets, especially text widgets in addition to the Widget Context plugin (all of which disappeared when I created a mirror of the site), and I’d hate to have to manually reset that on the live site.

    Many thanks for all the hard work. I greatly admire your attitude and ambition.



  9. Hello evebody!

    – The sidebar area used as the content of the Widgets page template change id that was utilities-widgets-template to widgets-template.

    – Breadcrumb was improved with new classes.

    Besides the major changes that Justin mentioned these were found and had to make changes until then.

  10. Thanks for the update. I’ve been itching to upgrade my theme to 0.9 so I’ll be playing around with WP 3.1 on my sandbox this weekend.

  11. Hi,

    I came to my blog after a long period of inactivity and saw I had new updates for some plug-ins, the theme and for WordPress. I took the unfortunate decision to start with updating the theme, having no clue of the incompatibility – therefore my blog crashed immediately after updating. I can’t access it at all anymore. What can I do? I only have access to the hosting. Can I make it somehow revert to the default theme to make it reappear?

    Thanks in advance for any help,


    1. David Clabaut

      Do you have access to your ftp?
      If so, you may just backup and delete your theme folder… it will force WP to switch to the first available theme

  12. Excellent work,

    However, when I tried to install latest version of hybrid framework theme, I got below error. Can you help me in resolving this.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_theme_support() in / wp-content/themes/hybrid/library/functions/sidebars.php on line 25

  13. Mike

    Love the theme, but I am experiencing the same issue as the above user. I installed the theme and now I get an error: wp-content/themes/hybrid/library/functions/sidebars.php on line 25

    I am unable to revert to my previous theme.

    Please help soon!
    Thank you.

  14. Lynne

    Yep same issue here…if would be nice if new updates that are not compatible with wordpress version would give you a warning…now I am waiting on a client to get back to me with a new password for their ftp to revert back to 8 till I can update the wp core…

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