1. The demo looks to still be using Hybrid .6.0. Sounds like a good upgrade, though.

  2. Lika Starr

    Upgraded to 0.6.1 without a hitch. So far everything is looking great with the new release 🙂

  3. Wow, I still have TWO options sites. Thought ATMac was the only one but I have another one. *adds to TODO list*

    So I upgraded No Pity City, Four Walls No Limits, and Not Done Living to new Hybrid. I still hate the way that the themes page gives no indication whatever when a parent theme needs upgrading – with all the default themes Dreamhost installs, Hybrid isn’t even on the first page.

    Main trouble was that I forgot it would mess up all the Hybrid widgets so I forgot to disable them first. I seem to recall if I disabled ’em first they wouldn’t have lost all their settings? Is there a “best” way to prepare widgets for theme upgrading?

    So yes, temporary mayhem on No Pity City when my wigetised menu disappeared on me and I didn’t realise what had happened!

    Had to fix up a bit of the CSS code on Four Walls No Limits but in all the mess (panic … ahem!) with NPC I forgot to diff the file so I can’t tell you what I had to change – sorry.

    Also all my footer lines – the copyright and kudos to WP/Hybrid/you – have disappeared on me. I know it’s easy to put those back though.

    A bit more tricky that I’d like but none of it your fault, ‘cept perhaps a reminder about widgets would have helped 🙂 Thanks for the update!

    – Ricky

  4. Hayes

    For some reason Hybrid News isn’t showing up in Site Admin –> Themes to activate. Critical and Galleria show up. I am running WordPressMU 2.8.4 for my classroom Website. The Hybrid News theme looked good for our school newspaper, but I have tried downloading three times and putting in wp-content/themes like every other them we use, including other Hybrid themes. Any ideas?

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