Hybrid theme release: Version 0.6.1

Version 0.6 of the Hybrid theme framework has been one of the solidest releases we’ve had yet. It’s been nearly two months since the last release, which I consider a good thing.

Of course, there’s always a bug or two, so it’s time for a maintenance release to fix pretty much every bug that has been reported in the last two months.

Bug fixes

Here’s a list of the bugs that have been squashed in this release:

  • Custom field series extension didn’t display a value.
  • User role class in comments needed an extra check for an array.
  • Paged <body> class bug.
  • Open </em> within the Tags widget settings.
  • Duplicate category and post_tag classes removed.
  • Missing s in <p class="no-data"> in the blog.php page template.
  • Sometimes, extra commas were displayed for custom taxonomies depending on the theme settings and user setup.
  • Wrong variable in the Bookmarks widget — $show_images changed to $show_name.

Okay, so eight bugs seems like a lot to me, but most of these only manifested in specific scenarios. I would consider only the first bug listed as a high-priority bug. All that beta testing everyone did before the initial release of 0.6 definitely paid off.

General changes to the theme

These things aren’t classified as bugs, but needed changing to satisfy a few areas that needed touching up.

  • The comments.php now uses admin_url( 'profile.php' ), which is filterable, to link to the user’s profile.
  • Added the hybrid_disable_pagenavi_style() function to account for changes in the WP PageNavi plugin.
  • Changed Hybrid’s profile URI back to http://gmpg.org/xfn/11.

Update your theme

Take a few minutes to upgrade to the latest version.

With the built-in theme upgrader for WordPress, this should be as simple as going to your themes control panel and upgrading Hybrid. If you’re not a fan of the upgrader, just download a fresh copy of the theme (version 0.6.1), delete your old copy, and upload the new one.


  1. The demo looks to still be using Hybrid .6.0. Sounds like a good upgrade, though.

  2. Lika Starr

    Upgraded to 0.6.1 without a hitch. So far everything is looking great with the new release 🙂

  3. Wow, I still have TWO options sites. Thought ATMac was the only one but I have another one. *adds to TODO list*

    So I upgraded No Pity City, Four Walls No Limits, and Not Done Living to new Hybrid. I still hate the way that the themes page gives no indication whatever when a parent theme needs upgrading – with all the default themes Dreamhost installs, Hybrid isn’t even on the first page.

    Main trouble was that I forgot it would mess up all the Hybrid widgets so I forgot to disable them first. I seem to recall if I disabled ’em first they wouldn’t have lost all their settings? Is there a “best” way to prepare widgets for theme upgrading?

    So yes, temporary mayhem on No Pity City when my wigetised menu disappeared on me and I didn’t realise what had happened!

    Had to fix up a bit of the CSS code on Four Walls No Limits but in all the mess (panic … ahem!) with NPC I forgot to diff the file so I can’t tell you what I had to change – sorry.

    Also all my footer lines – the copyright and kudos to WP/Hybrid/you – have disappeared on me. I know it’s easy to put those back though.

    A bit more tricky that I’d like but none of it your fault, ‘cept perhaps a reminder about widgets would have helped 🙂 Thanks for the update!

    – Ricky

  4. Hayes

    For some reason Hybrid News isn’t showing up in Site Admin –> Themes to activate. Critical and Galleria show up. I am running WordPressMU 2.8.4 for my classroom Website. The Hybrid News theme looked good for our school newspaper, but I have tried downloading three times and putting in wp-content/themes like every other them we use, including other Hybrid themes. Any ideas?

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