Hybrid theme release: Version 0.5

After a couple of months of grueling tests, complete code rewrites, and a rethinking of the direction of the Hybrid theme, I bring you version 0.5. And, I must say that I’m happy with this release.

Before getting into the details, I want to say thanks to all of you that participated in the testing phases, gave feedback, reported bugs, and discussed how you’d like to see the theme work. This release would still be a couple of weeks behind if I didn’t have help from all of you.

New features

Everybody’s always interested in the new features, right? Here’s a list of some of the major things:

  • Cleaner, faster code.
  • Inline documentation that explains nearly every file and function.
  • Utility: 404 widget area added.
  • Ability to hardcode widget areas instead of only using widgets.
  • Drop-down menu CSS and JavaScript added.
  • More action and filter hooks.
  • More dynamic CSS classes added.
  • Revamped the default WordPress calendar widget.

You are welcome to view my notes on the changes in version 0.5 for all the details.

Coding the perfect theme

We all know that no theme is perfect, so when I say “the perfect theme,” I’m talking about perfect for me. Hybrid has gone through some major changes in this version to make it easier for me to create the kind of child themes I’d like to create. I felt that the previous versions were holding me back a bit.

Version 0.5 is much more flexible than previous versions. And, I’ve laid the groundwork for the new features that’ll be coming in version 0.6, which we’ll probably be discussing over the next month or two. I’m happy with the result thus far, but there’s still a ways to go before it’s exactly how I want it. I’ll discuss the future at another time though.

Before upgrading

I just want to mention that I’ll be out of town for the next few days, so if you think you might break something with your upgrade, feel free to wait until I return. I won’t be around to help out as much this week. It’s horrible timing, but that’s what life dealt me this week.

If you are upgrading, the upgrade process is pretty simple. Just delete your old hybrid folder and upload your new one. You can also follow the upgrade guide.

Get the theme

I hope you all enjoy this release.

As always, keep the love and adoration in the comments and the support questions in the support forums.


  1. thanks for the upgrade ๐Ÿ™‚ going to try this now ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Paul

    Dear Justin

    This is to let you know that I’m impressed with the quality of your framework.
    It’s definitely the best WP themes I have ever found.
    and I am very happy about the release of version0.5 especially on the
    point that this new version reduced a lot of excess queries

    I’m building a CMS using hybrid0.4.2 with hybrid-news as a childtheme.
    I was wondering if it’s TOTALLY safe to just upgrade to version0.5 ?

    I know the principle of childtheme but somehow I feel that all the
    hooks and actions that’d been added and removed in the childtheme
    will need to be adjusted anyway, or not?


    What about the custom CSS of the widget areas in different post_class()?
    Will this be affected by upgrading at all ?

    btw, as of now, the dl link of version0.5 still points to version 0.4.2

  3. Many

    Well, that’s one good news to start the week ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thx for this release and keep up the good work !

  4. did you update it @ wordpress.org website ? I am waiting to test upgrading it from wordpress 2.8 test blog ( auto upgrade )

  5. PS I have it installed here… hybird is under themes too:

    confused look

    hybird is working fine. Just not news….

  6. Maybe there is something wrong in the searchform.php.

    The following code is used for count the search form.

    but make the id of my search form become “search-” there is nothing after the “-”

    Some of this comment was deleted by the administrator. Please post code in the support forums. It kind of breaks the comments section here.

  7. This is nice. I am going to try out the latest version too. Keep up the good work.

  8. dinu — Cool. Let me know how it works out for you.

    I also updated it on WP.org, but it takes a little more time for the updates to go through.

    Paul — You should always upgrade to the latest version of the theme, no matter which version you’ve built your custom child theme upon.

    Many — I’m just glad I got it finished before the week started. Looks like everything is going well so far.

    Flirtilizer — If you’re having any trouble, just stop by the support forums.

    Charles — I’ll look into it. If you know there’s a bug, just drop a line in the bug report thread in the forums.

    Oluniyi David Ajao — Sure thing. Thanks for trying out the theme.

  9. japani

    Thanks Justin! going to start translating!

  10. Deleted by admin. Please post code in the support forums.

  11. it broke my child blog too .. had to delete it using ftp and upload form backup.
    something wrong with the functions.php file.. Haven’t copied the error message .. sorry .. well test again and let you know

  12. Deleted by admin. Please post code in the support forums.

  13. japani — Cool. I’ll look forward to the new translation.

    onefrozen — If you have any trouble, please stop by the support forums.

    dinu — It shouldn’t break your child theme unless something in the child theme was done improperly. Just stop by the support forums, and we’ll see if we can work through any issues you’re having.

  14. I broke the parent theme too ..

  15. okay, you are right .. it was child theme functions file .. corrected and updated ๐Ÿ™‚

    what does that new java script do ?

  16. Hi Justin

    Thanks for all your hard work.
    I was wondering if there is any way to contibute back. I have started a child theme with some more options. Like column reordering and changes to the fon-styles.
    How do I go about publishing this theme while giving you the right credit? For the work you have done?

  17. enej — Just publish your custom child themes on your blog. Then, link back to the Hybrid theme page, so others will know where to download the parent theme.

    You can also post a link to your child themes in the community forums here. That way, the Theme Hybrid community will know about them.

  18. this theme looks great ……………….

  19. Hello ๏ผThe demp must to be make a new ๏ผ

  20. Why is Hybrid theme no longer available?

    1. ?? I don’t understand. Hybrid is still available.

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