1. Upgraded to Hybrid version 0.3.2
    It Went Smoothly.

  2. Do you want only “your exclusive members” to report you bugs ?
    If not where can i report ?

  3. Currently only people with access to the support forums can report bugs. I’m thinking of adding something like that to the community forums in the future though.

    Of course, you can always contact me if you think you’ve found a bug that needs attention.

  4. Is there anyway to add support for asides to Hybrid? I’m working with this theme, but I use asides frequently. Thanks!

  5. As far as I know, all WordPress themes support asides. Asides are just labeling a post with a specific category or tag. It’s just easier with some more than others.

    There are numerous ways to implement them though.

    I can help you out in the support forums if you’re having trouble with them.

  6. thanks pal !!
    I will use it when wp 2.7 is out 🙂
    I have this running on my testing blog now

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