Hybrid theme release: Version 0.3.2

Hybrid WordPress theme framework: Version 0.3.2

After releasing version 0.3 and 0.3.1 to the public, the community has really stepped up and helped steer Hybrid in the right direction. With your help, many bugs have been squashed and new features have been added.

I would almost be willing to call this version 0.4, but I slowed myself down in adding new features to try and keep things moving at a steady pace.

There are quite a few new enhancements and several bug fixes that might be worth looking over.

Version 0.3.2 bug fixes

These are the major ones. Everything else was pretty insignificant.

  • Default page menu order is now done by order you specify with your pages.
  • Better filtering of text and forms for special and non-English characters.
  • Comment author’s name with quotes would cause invalid XHTML.
  • Some foreign languages not being saved correctly with post meta boxes.
  • More improvements to the get_the_image() script.
  • Pushed the priority of hybrid_typography() back to 11 (tip from Markus).
  • " (invalid XHTML) changed to " in search.php
  • A few instances of get_the_time() in breadcrumb.php weren’t localized.
  • Removed call to non-existent theme-settings.css.

Version 0.3.2 enhancements

  • False get_the_image() call added to home.php to allow for child theme control.
  • Changed most instances of “comments” to “responses,” which is more semantic.
  • Utilitiy inserts (widget sections) available
    • Easily add new widget sections to your child theme.
    • Makes it easier to target specific areas of your site.
  • Added the get_the_image_args filter to the image script.
  • New widgets that overwrite the default widgets for more control.
    • Bookmarks (Links).
    • Categories.
    • Pages.
  • Renamed a couple of classes in author.php and authors.php to match theme better.

So, it’s upgrading time

I know I’ve put out three releases of Hybrid in just a few short weeks, but the theme is getting better.

Upgrading is as simple as deleting your previous hybrid folder and replacing it with the new one. You won’t lose your theme settings or anything.

This is the type of no-hassles upgrading I’ve been raving about.

As always, report bugs and ask support questions in the support forums.


  1. Upgraded to Hybrid version 0.3.2
    It Went Smoothly.

  2. Cool. I’m glad everything went well.

  3. Do you want only “your exclusive members” to report you bugs ?
    If not where can i report ?

  4. Currently only people with access to the support forums can report bugs. I’m thinking of adding something like that to the community forums in the future though.

    Of course, you can always contact me if you think you’ve found a bug that needs attention.

  5. Is there anyway to add support for asides to Hybrid? I’m working with this theme, but I use asides frequently. Thanks!

  6. As far as I know, all WordPress themes support asides. Asides are just labeling a post with a specific category or tag. It’s just easier with some more than others.

    There are numerous ways to implement them though.

    I can help you out in the support forums if you’re having trouble with them.

  7. thanks pal !!
    I will use it when wp 2.7 is out 🙂
    I have this running on my testing blog now

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