Hybrid theme release: Version 0.3.1

Version 0.3.1 of the Hybrid WordPress theme framework

It’s been a great first week since the initial release of the Hybrid theme. We’ve had a few bugs reported (as expected), but they have been fairly minor. You all have been contributing and letting me know what you’ve found.

With your help, I’ve been able to quickly put together a more stable release.

We’ve also had quite a few people contributing theme translations, and there are more on the way. Check out the Hybrid languages section to see if your language has been posted yet.

Bug fixes

Here are some of the bugs I fixed with the theme in the last week:

  • Breadcrumbs
    • Fixed error on posts (404)
    • Fixed breadcrumb menu error on HTTP 200 posts/pages with no results
    • Preview post breadcrumb menu should be fixed
  • Localization/translation
    • Page nav localization of Home
    • Breadbrumb localization of Home
    • Localization of Search results for $1%s for breadcrumbs and page title
  • Fixed the slashes being added to quotes in the post meta box values in WP versions below 2.7
  • Updated time functions
    • PHP 4 doesn’t display some time strings (compatible with PHP 4/5 now)
  • Added page number to <title> element when paged
  • Anonymous comments from registered users without display name show at least login name
  • Added error message for users logged in but can’t publish posts on Quick Post page template
  • Fixed a few minor CSS glitches

Theme enhancements

Aside from fixing bugs, I’ve already been hard at work putting in some of the extra features I’ve had planned.

  • Enhanced classes for the dynamic <body> class
  • Ability to define a series of articles by series name (post meta box)
    • Assign series name in meta box labeled Series
    • All posts are listed at the end of each post in the series
  • Typographical ehancements
    • Gets rid of widows in posts
    • Better formatting for dashes
  • New text filter to cut back on messy code for templates with forms
  • Added new stylesheets for base styling
    • 18px
    • 20px
    • 21px
    • 22px
  • Added hybrid_breadcrumb_args filter to change values of breadcrumb menu
  • hooks.php more appropriately renamed to actions.php
  • Official support added for the Widget Logic plugin

Get the new version

I hope you enjoy version 0.3.1. There’ll be loads more enhancements to come in this theme’s future.


  1. malice01

    cool updates hope it fixed a disappearing of content in 2nd post

  2. malice01

    hey justin,

    sorry for posting this here since i cannot post on support as i am not a exclusive member. i use this theme in my blog http://pauxcore.blog4fun.org for some reason i dont know 2nd post content wont appear.

  3. malice01
    If you need help with your theme, then you’ll have to post this in the support forums, which is the only place I answer support questions.

  4. I have sent you the final zip file concerning the French translation of Hybrid, but I did not get any reply. Could you let me know if you did not receive my mail?

  5. hd-j
    I get a lot of emails every day, so (as mentioned on the contact page) it could be a while before I get back to each person.

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