1. malice01

    cool updates hope it fixed a disappearing of content in 2nd post

  2. malice01

    hey justin,

    sorry for posting this here since i cannot post on support as i am not a exclusive member. i use this theme in my blog http://pauxcore.blog4fun.org for some reason i dont know 2nd post content wont appear.

  3. malice01
    If you need help with your theme, then you’ll have to post this in the support forums, which is the only place I answer support questions.

  4. I have sent you the final zip file concerning the French translation of Hybrid, but I did not get any reply. Could you let me know if you did not receive my mail?

  5. hd-j
    I get a lot of emails every day, so (as mentioned on the contact page) it could be a while before I get back to each person.

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