Hybrid theme release: Beta 2

Hybrid WP theme framework

Okay, folks. I know I’ve been dragging some of you along for quite some time now. But, I want to get one more round of public testing out before officially releasing this thing.

I’ve put a lot of love, care, and carefully planned-out thought behind this theme. I just want to make as near perfect as possible.

The feedback some of you gave me last time was great. It helped me iron out some of those pesky bugs. Plus, this time, I had a few moments to do some Internet Explorer 7 testing, so the theme should work well with that browser now (not that there were any major problems before).

A couple of things to note: I’ve added some more 404 functionality, which uses (optional) the Smart 404 plugin. And, I done a slight redesign of the default style. I hope you like it.

I’m looking for some more great feedback.

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  1. zak

    I like the design a lot, very simple yet very beautiful.

    I’ve tried it in my site it look really good, but unfortunately it only show one post in the home page second post the title is cut by half and the rest of posts don’t show up.

    Hope this may be useful for you in completing this great theme,

    Thank you,

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