Hybrid Tabs release: Version 0.2

After some final testing and an agonizingly long wait for WordPress 2.8, it’s finally time to officially release the Hybrid Tabs widget to the public.

I understand that version 0.1 was never officially released and never got past the beta stage, but that’s all right. Based on user feedback and major code changes, I thought it would be best to jump to version 0.2 to avoid any confusion.

What is the Hybrid Tabs widget?

Hybrid Tabs is a widget that extends the Hybrid theme by allowing you to have a tabbed widget for use on your site.

It comes with several predefined tabs:

  • Bookmarks/Links (individual link category lists).
  • Authors.
  • Calendar.
  • Categories.
  • Daily archives.
  • Meta.
  • Monthly archives.
  • Pages.
  • Recent posts (alphabetical).
  • Recent posts (chronological).
  • Random.
  • Tag/term clouds (based on all taxonomies).
  • Weekly archives.
  • Yearly archives.

Plus, many new tabs are added if you have one of these plugins activated:

Of course, you can create custom tabs as well.

Will my custom tabs be backwards compatible?

Yes, your custom tabs should still work.

However, I urge you to try out the new register_tab() function if you’re creating custom tabs. It’s much easier to use and develop custom tabs with. Full instructions on how to do this are included in the readme.html file and on the Hybrid Tabs page.

User feedback

I’m always on the lookout for new tabs to add. If you’d like to see additional tabs added or integration with particular plugins, feel free to let me know.

There’s also an ongoing thread discussing options for Hybrid Tabs in the community forums.

Download the plugin

You must be using WordPress 2.8 or higher to install this plugin.

I hope you enjoy this official release. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad to finally have it ready.


  1. I am thrilled that you added support for WP Post Views widget in the hybrid tabs widget! The WP Post Views widget is great, and it was on my list of things to do to add it in the custom code for hybrid tabs. Thank you so much! Now I’ll have to check out some of the other plugins you’ve added support for as well.

    Great work as always, thank you Justin!

    1. Well, you’re welcome. 😉

      Let me know if you have any other plugins you’d like to see supported. Adding support for them takes all of two minutes with the new way I’ve coded the plugin.

      1. Zoli Erdos In reply to Justin Tadlock

        I have WP-Postviews in my tabbed widget and it’s working great there.


        But I can’t get the view-count displayed anywhere else (pages, single view..etc) no matter which setting I pick for this plugin. I wonder if it’s a plugin or Hybrid News issue.

        Thanks a lot.

  2. StealthA00

    Justin — FYI

    From Manage Plugins > Hybrid Tabs > Visit Plugin Site, it takes you to:


    which is a 404 Not Found.

    I am excited to see what I can do with 2.8 and this plug-in. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for catching that. I’ll fix it in the next update. It’s always the little mistakes that are hard to catch.

  3. Sounds good! I will give it a shot!

    1. Let me know how it works out for you and if you’d like to see any other plugins integrated.

  4. lmilesw

    I have installed the plugin and uncommented the line in style.css but all I see is a list of pages or whatever I have set in the widget. How should the tabs be displayed?

    1. The tabs should be displayed as tabs. If you have questions, please ask them in the support forums.

  5. Thomas Clausen

    Works great Justin. I’m liking it a lot.

    But it doesn’t look like it load tabs for: Get Recent Comments. I can’t see it anywhere, even though the plugin is active.

    I looked over the files for the plugin and it looks like you’re calling it hybrid_tabs_get_recent_comments() in hybrid-tabs.php (line 193) but in functions.php you call it: hybrid_tabs_recent_comments() (line 467) I tried changing it around, but I couldn’t figure it out.

    1. I’ll look into it and update the plugin if necessary.

      1. Thomas Clausen In reply to Justin Tadlock

        This was totally my bad. The new plugin layout confused me, and Recent comments was not activated 😳 sorry

  6. ovidiu

    instead of offering compatibility with certain plugins wouldn’t it be possible to allow users to select any of their active widgets for usage with this tag plugin?

    and I see you offer support for Configurable Tag Cloud would it be possible to include the tag cloud widget offered by the plugin simple tags?

    1. There’s already a plugin that does that: Tabbed Widgets. I’m not looking to make the same thing or compete with it. Hybrid Tabs is supposed to be very simple but offer something that’s already styled for use with some of the child themes here.

      1. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        yeah, thanks, I know that other plugin. I just thought as you have started with this plugin you might as well go through with it, buyt if its intended to be a simple widget, thats fine, thanks.

      2. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        btw. any chance that this plugin will support the PHP Code Widget? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/php-code-widget/ that would be fantastic 🙂

      3. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        It’s unlikely it’ll ever support adding other widgets to it.

  7. Empathik

    Justin, you are completely off your gourd with prolific goodness. I don’t often gush in site comments, but I’ve spent the past 2 hours stuck on your site, absorbing content from as many posts as I can, and wondering aloud: how I can IMPLEMENT ALL THIS ASAP! My overall sentiment: “He GETS it (WordPress/Framworks).” Joining Themes Club now.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad to have you on board.

  8. Pablo DiCiacco

    I really appreciate your WordPress offerings, but this is far to exclusive for inclusion in the WP plug-in directory. What would the directory look like if every theme had its own exclusive plug-ins listed there?

    1. Fortunately, the WP.org devs, most of the users around here, and I all disagree. Why shouldn’t the Hybrid Tabs plugin users be able to have the same easy-upgrade options as everyone else? Why shouldn’t other developers be able to easily find plugins they can build upon?

      What would the directory look like if every theme had its own exclusive plug-ins listed there?

      It’d look pretty much the same as it does now. It’d only have a few extra plugins.

  9. Hi Justin,

    Is it possible to include bbPress integration, like latest or most commented posts ?

    1. Yes, it’s possible.

  10. nautilusum


    I installed tabs but it doesn’t look like as in the demo where tabs are horizontal. I want to have horizontal tabs as in the demo. but it is displayed as vertical and not so good looking as in demo..

    can you tell me where i m doing wrong please?


    1. Please ask all support questions in the support forums.

  11. This tab-widget works perfect for me, thanx!

    1. I’m glad you like the plugin.

  12. Can


    I can’t activate slider plugin and headlines on the frontpage? can someone give me hints? please..
    thanks in advance.

    1. If you need help, stop by the support forums.

  13. Is it possible to have a simple text/html tab aded?

    1. Possible? Yes. Likely to become a part of the core plugin? No.

  14. wesvista

    How do I change to hybrid tabs like in the demo? I looked in the forum but I cannot find any help on this please help me! Thanks

    1. You should ask all support questions in the support forums.

  15. Can

    Hi Justin,

    I sent you Hungarian language pack for Hybrid theme but couldnt get an answer from you.
    is there something wrong? can you tell me please
    thanks .

    1. Someone has already sent me a Hungarian translation for Hybrid, and it is currently a part of the theme’s language pack download.

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