1. 8207h32

    Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving too

  2. Thomas Clausen

    Happy thanks giving to you too.

    Love the new templates, and I can’t wait to play around with all of them 🙂

    I have two questions:

    1. Why wouldn’t I just put this into the hybrid folder instead of the childtheme folder? I mean, it works, and if you update one of the templates in the hybrid development, will it not be included in the hybrid update?

    2. Would you maybe include a .po and .mo file, so that we can translate them to other languages?

    • Justin Tadlock

      1) If you add the templates to the Hybrid folder, they’ll be deleted when Hybrid is updated because they’re not a part of the theme. When WordPress updates a theme, it automatically deletes all files and folders, then uploads the new files and folders.

      2) I was thinking about that, but I’m not sure if the best way to go is adding the .po and .mo files because those wouldn’t get loaded. I’ve never tried, but I wonder if multiple translations can be loaded in one theme. I’ll give it a try after the holiday, and if it works, include the files.

  3. Kyle D

    Will these themes (other than the ones you’re removing in 0.7) be a part of the 0.7 download?

  4. deadhippo

    Great templates. Thanks!

  5. Mark Marshall


    I am thankful for you and your hard work making WordPress easy for the rest of us.

    Enough computer time, now off to the important part of Thanksgiving.


  6. Dhaval Jani

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Justin! thanks for all the great themes and plugins you have given to community and thanks for all your help, support and interesting articles! Have a wonderful day!

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  8. baiheinet

    page-quick-post.php 34line is wrong,Less’

  9. Lika

    Thanks, Justin. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. You do a lot for the community and it is most appreciated.

    Happy Holidays to you and the community here 🙂

  10. Vidyut

    Thanks Justin!

    Just joined, so barely come to grips with what is there…

    Is there some place I can see screenshots of the various templates to make life easier?

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  13. designerwood

    Love hybrid, never fails when I’m looking for something I eventually stumble upon an ‘easy’ solution to save me from coding. In this case the Custom Query List… thanks for this pack!

  14. yunust

    Finally getting around to adding these. Need a login template. Wanted to extend my thanks along with everyone else.

  15. Texture plus

    Thanks alot!

  16. William

    It looks like there are some really useful features listed there to increase the functionality. I have used thematic as a framework frequently in the past but might switch to hybrid now.

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