Hybrid Original WordPress Theme

Hybrid Original WordPress Theme

Version 0.6 of the Hybrid theme will be sporting a new style. But, I know several folks are satisfied with the current style as it is. So, I’ve created a compromise.

Hybrid Original is the default look of the Hybrid WordPress theme. It’s nothing glamorous — just a plain ol’ blog style.

If you’re one of those people that like the original style or only do a few small tweaks here and there, then this is the child theme for you.

It comes included with a basic style.css and tabs.css (for those of you using the Hybrid Tabs plugin). And, I went ahead and coded some drop-down menus for you.

Why is the default Hybrid theme style changing?

I never really like the default style much. It was just something I quickly threw together to put a face on the theme, something I knew would be overwritten by child themes. In hindsight, I can see this was a bad idea.

The default style doesn’t aid in the development of child themes. I’d much rather have a plain style as the default that is lightweight and can be used for helping you all develop custom child themes more quickly.

Download the Hybrid Original child theme

Make sure you have the Hybrid theme installed first.

As always, keep the praise and adoration in the comments and the support questions in the support forums.


  1. Many

    Cool ! Really curious about how it’s gonna be. Something more like skeleton ?

    Btw, I think they should change the default theme in WordPress too 🙂

  2. rgregory

    I really hope you won’t go to far the other way. It takes really hard core developers to make us of things like sandbox looks.

    Thematic seems about right with gray and white, but still some solid styles in place to get you started. I think anything much more extreme will alienate all but the hardcore types.

  3. rgregory


    I should have added that I really appreciate the current styles and I’m sure I will like anything you come up with.

    I would vote for keeping the similar style going or the same layout with a B/W look if you were asking us. Many of us need some inspiration to work from.

  4. Well, any way you take Hybrid, I’m sure will be nice. It’s good that you will release the OG theme as a child theme too.

  5. Many — Yeah, it’ll basically be like Skeleton with a few stylistic elements, drop-downs, and a basic layout. I want it to be as simple as possible but still look good.

    rgregory — Well, I’m pretty much going the total opposite way. That’s why I’m releasing Hybrid Original. For users that like the basic style as it is and aren’t hardcore developers, this would be a great place to start.

    At its core, Hybrid is a development tool. The default style, as it currently is, hinders development because it pushes a lot of unwanted CSS and images onto someone trying to build from it. This makes it harder to overwrite.
    The new style will only be a basic layout that can aid in the creation of new child themes. Basically, it’s the original style stripped down to its most basic elements — B/W with the same two-column layout.

    The Frosty — I’m sure the change won’t effect most people since they’re either using one of the child themes from here or building a custom child theme.

  6. cool, so new layout and design is coming 😀 I have requested a new feature in the other post ….

  7. This is great news. I’ve developed a couple of my own hybrids from the current child themes. Having a simplified – fully developed core template will help things a lot!

    Keep up the good stuff!

  8. dinu — Yep, a brand spankin’ new layout is on its way. If you have a feature request, just post it in the community forums. That way, everyone can discuss it. We already have a thread running on version 0.6.

    Tim Griffin — I think it’ll be great for a lot of people developing their own child themes. Simplifying everything down to the most basic elements is what the change is about.

    Plus layout stylesheets are coming in version 0.6 (i.e., 2-columns, 3-columns). It’ll be much better for rapid CSS development.

  9. tgrifff

    Layout sheets! Awesome 😉
    I’m heading over to the thread and see if a 1 column layout is already in discussion. Looking forward to the latest and greatest!

  10. Hi Justin,

    So when can we expect to see 0.6?
    Thanks for your wonderful work.


    1. yoichi — I’m thinking 0.6 will be out by the end of April, but I’m not rushing it.

      I’m moving back home in the next few days, so that might get in the way of me finishing in time.

  11. Hi!

    I just install Hybrid Original and can’t find a way to use drop-down menus. I have parent category with sub-categories, but there is no drop-downs in menu. Can someone help?

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