1. Envoy

    B E A U T I F U L L outside(front end) and inside(hybrid framework.) thanks !

  2. mayvelous

    Such a beautiful theme. That’s it, I’m gonna switch my site to this theme today. Gonna work on it now.
    Thanks so much for the new release.

  3. dencio007

    magnificent theme, Keep it up Justin! I know you will have more brilliant ideas, I really love those theme’s…

  4. hawaiidave


  5. Justin Tadlock

    Envoy — The great thing is that this theme is mostly CSS. There’s one extra page template and a functions file less than 5kb. That’s why I love the Hybrid framework.

    mayvelous — Thanks. Let us know when you have it up on your site.

    dencio007 — I sure hope I have a few more brilliant ideas. Next up — a photoblog theme.

    hawaiidave — 🙂

  6. BoltClock

    The moment I loaded the demo and I saw the scrolling effect I went OMG right away. It’s the first time I see it so forgive me if that effect is present in any other child themes.

    (Grammar Nazi time) Also, “Please keep” without an S 😀

  7. The-Elder

    Absolutely stunning work Justin! Very nice, very clean and cut to what it’s all about – news. I like the clear look and the fact that it has all the “necessary” sections available.

  8. Jeffro

    Nice looking theme Justin. Just wondering though, why are so many theme frameworks getting pregnant and thus, popping out all of these child themes? 🙂

  9. Justin Tadlock

    BoltClock — Well, it’s the first scrolling effect I’ve done like this in a child theme. I don’t know if anyone else has used it before.

    I’m supposed to be the Grammar Nazi. Thanks for catching that.

    The-Elder — Cutting out all of the unnecessary stuff was what this was about for me. I wanted a theme that functioned purely as a news theme. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Jeffro — This is crumb-snatcher number 4 for Hybrid. I’m hoping it has many more.

  10. TJ @ Smartblogtips

    One word. Awesome.

    I was looking to change my smartblogtips and wanted something which show more content on the front page. this is best suited for it. Gonna use this as a base.

    Thanks Justin.


  11. Dogo

    OMFG !!! (pardon my french).
    Beautiful theme.

    Can I translate it to spanish ?

  12. JoSe

    Sorry, that was me on the previous comment, did not realize I was still logged

    Can I translate it to spanish ?

  13. StormRider

    Excellent design Justin (as usual) – makes me think that I should have waited before I did my child theme. I will now use this as a base to move my 2 Structure websites across to Hybrid.

  14. TJ @ Smartblogtips

    @Stormrider – you have a very nice design. although no doubt justin’s child theme would no doubt be much more polished.


  15. Thomas Clausen

    In the words of Al Pacino in Sent of a woman “Who-Ya” Fantastic theme Justin, I’ll be using this instead of Old School, not that Old School isn’t cool, this is just so much more 🙂

  16. Dan

    Wow. Well worth the wait, Justin. This looks incredible. I am going to start playing with it right away. Your other ideas for themes are great, too. It’s like you are reading my mind and grabbing my wish list.

  17. Sam

    Nice work man! Will use it right away 😀 been waiting for this! Hope it has Options spirit and more!

  18. livelife

    Fantastic Justin. My wishes came true. The scrolling effect is so unique. And I love the colors you picked for the theme.
    Will use it for my first blog.
    All the bst

  19. suchtreasures

    Looks great, Justin. I’m sure I will use it at some point, changing up the colors a bit. I like all the functionality. It baffles me how much you can add with a couple more functions and another page template, though. You’re a wizard. Thanks for the great work!

  20. Envoy

    We are all happy with this theme. I think its time to revamp your themehybrid site justin. not that it’s bad. Just that you done so much for us.

    You should have time for your self too you know.


  21. Ipstenu

    Freakin’ awesome! I may actually have to *gasp* redesign my site!

  22. amyg

    Lovely Justin!
    And thank you for the Firefly clip 😉

  23. Brenda

    This one will definately be a hit – looking forward to playing with it.

  24. Justin Tadlock

    TJ — Thanks. I think it would work well with Smart Blog Tips.

    Dogo/JoSe — You are welcome to translated it to Spanish, or French, if you like.

    Just send the .mo and .po files to me, and I’ll upload them to the site.

    StormRider — I don’t know. I really like what you’ve done with your own design. You really let everyone know that Hybrid wasn’t just for plain ol’ blogs.

    Thomas — I think Hybrid News and Old School have much different purposes. Old School was always meant to be specific to a gaming-type site. Hybrid News is a little more open to any type of news site.

    Dan — To be honest, I’ve been trying to release this theme for about a week. I’m actually tired of waiting. Feel free to pass along any other ideas from your wish list.

    Sam — In some ways, it’s like Options, but I’ve taken out all the crap and made something much more polished than Options could ever be.

    livelife — Thanks. The colors were actually picked out from the recent themes survey. Blue won out by a long shot. Actually, I just think blue is the most soothing color for the Web.

    suchtreasures — I’m surprised that I managed to keep the functions.php file under 5kb. This theme is mostly CSS modifications.

    Envoy — I’ve been working on my redesign of this site for about two or three months. Somehow, I never find the time to really dive into it. I’m hoping to have something new up sometime this month though.

    Ipstenu — It’s funny that I’m actually thinking of redesigning one of my sites based on this theme too.

    amygFirefly is probably one of the best shows to ever be created.

    Brenda — I’m hoping it’s a hit. Let me know how it works for you when you start playing with it.

  25. Cadillac

    The scrolling doesn’t even show up.

  26. Justin Tadlock

    Cadillac — Yes, it does. Of course, your browser must have JavaScript enabled to see it.

  27. Cadillac

    I see it on the demo, but it doesn’t show on my site, neither do any of the things in the demo on Old School.

  28. Cadillac

    I don’t understand all these things shown on the demo’s but none of them are actually on the site? Like warped photos and text in Old School, or anything on the Showcase page for that matter, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  29. TJ @ Smartblogtips

    @Cadillac: I guess you are not setting the theme properly. I have not yet got time to go over new theme yet, so cant really comment. It would be better if you explain what are you doing so we can point out where are you wrong.

    Of course this is not the place. Support forums is where you should get the clarification. Why don’t go over the hybrid tutorials first.

    @Justin: I seriously think you need to upgrade themehybrid from version 0.2. Either you do it or i will customize a child theme and present it to you. Your child themes are leaving themehybrid behind. Catchup fast with yourself. 😉


  30. Cadillac

    I don’t need support, I know how to use and install the themes, I’m just saying the things like the slider in Hybrid News or anything on the Showcase page in Old School isn’t an option once you download the theme… at least for me.

  31. Justin Tadlock

    Cadillac — Just stop by the support forums, and we’ll try to help you out with setting everything up. Plus, there are extra tutorials for setting up Hybrid News and Old School.

    TJ — Yeah, I’m slowly working on it. Every time I start, I end up dropping it for a week. When I come back to it, I completely change my mind about what I want to do.

    I hope to have something new up and running this month. I seriously need to upgrade to Hybrid 0.4.1.

  32. Cadillac

    I don’t have a support account, I just don’t get why what’s in the demo isn’t really there? I’m sure other people have this problem, I’m installing it fine, it just doesn’t have an option for slider or anything

  33. MyraP

    AWESOME job!

    I like the nice clean look of all your theme. I was just getting use to Visionary and Options.

    However, I am REALLY looking forward to checking out the functionality and using this on some existing and new project!

    Keep up the great work!


  34. Justin Tadlock

    Cadillac — I’m sorry that you don’t understand how to use the theme. You are free to sign up for a support account to have read access to the tutorials and get assistance in using it if you wish.

    MyraP — Thank you. Let me know when you find a project to use it for. I look forward to seeing how you use it.

  35. JoSe

    Hi Justin, just sent you a mail regarding spanish translation. See ya.

  36. Arun


    Have you installed the hybrid theme first ? you should have both the hybrid theme and the hybrid news theme installed and activate only the hybrid news theme.


    I like the nice and clean look of this theme.worth the wait.

    just now installed it and working on it.

    great to have the hybrid-news theme options seperate from the main options.

    happy to have lesser sidebars.now we no need to go through a series of sidebars to find the missing widget.(widget-logic plugin is enough to do anything)

    I have some ideas.meet you in ideas forum.

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  38. […] image on left side instead of right side, and no real effort put in to the design.  That is where Theme Hybrid comes in to play.  Justin who runs that site has put together a nifty club where he designs and […]

  39. dhavaljani

    Your Best Theme Ever!!! I have always been structure fan or more of trying to mix structure and visionary but this one is one of my new fav!!

    You are awesome Justin!! you keep beating your own creations!!

  40. […] Hybrid News […]

  41. Terje

    WOW. This is very nice 🙂

  42. Mark H

    Hey Justin, This looks exciting. Long time follower of yours here. I am running your theme on the website I listed here. (I think it’s an older version ha, need to upgrade)

    My question is how are the “widgets” for SEO? I have’nt had a chance to search for any info so thought I would drop the question here.

    Thanks, I’ll try this theme out on my testing blogs and if it works out, use it on CNW.

  43. Tadd

    VERY nice! I like it!

    I really will be checking this one out – it looks so … clean! Amazing! And so easy on the eyes (content flow is really nice)


  44. Tuan Anh

    Beautiful theme, clear and good layout. Thanks a lot.

  45. Justin Tadlock

    JoSe — Thanks. I’ll be updating the translations this weekend. You can expect an email from me soon.

    Arun — Yeah, I decided that the theme options would be better separate. I think it makes more sense in the long run.

    dhavaljani — I hope to continue besting myself and coming up with new, innovative themes to use. The original Structure theme is still my favorite (besides Hybrid).

    Terje — Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

    Mark H — I don’t really understand your question about widgets for SEO. Definitely give the theme a good test run though.

    Tadd — By nature, news themes can be unruly, so keeping it clean went to the top of my priority list.

    Tuan Anh — You’re welcome. I’m glad you like the layout.

  46. Nick

    Deleted by the administrator.

  47. darleene

    Spectacular theme!

  48. Tan The Man

    I like it…

  49. Tinh

    It is a excellent child theme that I have been waiting for a long time. Thanks

  50. btfish

    Hey Justin,
    thanks for a so wonder theme.I avtived the Hybrid News,but it doesn’t look like the demo.
    Is there any plugin to be required?

  51. Justin Tadlock

    Nick — Just follow the getting started guide for properly installing the theme. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the support forums.

    darleene — Thank you.

    Tan The Man — Me too. 😉

    btfish — Thanks for using the theme. No plugins are required to use it.

  52. Frederick

    Deleted by the administrator.

  53. aminhers

    Thank you Justin,it’s a GREAT theme!

  54. btFish

    I have seted the Front Page template settings.But it didn’t work.It just list 10 posts on the front page,no featured posts,headline and excerpts posts.

  55. Justin Tadlock

    Frederick — Please stop by the support forums if you need help setting it up.

    aminhers — Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

    btFish — Feel free to stop by the support forums if you need help with the theme.

  56. Frederick

    No help there, you have to be a member to see the responses! Is that the racket? How about just fixing the download or making it a premium theme so people aren’t lured by the words “free?”

  57. Justin Tadlock

    Frederick — I’m not in the least bit interested in selling themes. While the GPL does allow you to sell themes, I don’t see the benefits in doing so.

    If you can’t set up the theme, you are more than welcome to the same support services as everyone else. There are loads of tutorials and people on the support forums that would be willing to help you out.

  58. Arun

    there is nothing to fix the download or to make it a premium theme.its working perfectly on mine.you can check it out.btw i am not a paying member here.

  59. Arun

    you should read the readme file included in the hybrid-news theme to make it work.

  60. […] Hybrid News is a new theme a part of the Hybrid theme framework (a child theme). It is a news theme that packs a lot of punch. It was designed and developed to help create an attractive theme for your website. It isn’t a blog, photoblog, or theme for your company brochure.  […]

  61. JoSe

    I know it may sound annoying that you have to pay in order to get full support, but trust me, you need no support whatsoever in order to get Hybrid news running.
    Just read the readme file included. And readme file for Hybrid theme is also helpful.
    I have just set it up in another testing blog and did not need any further help other than the readme file.

  62. MyraP

    I’ve read some of the comments since my last post. Hybrid News is AWESOME. I’ve installed this theme on 15 sites.

    I’ve also place this theme on one of my wordpress mu install, I only have 2 problems: The Front Page template doesn’t appear in the list of templates and using phpBay plugin with Hybrid News theme on wordpress mu — however I can work around those issues.

    I can only say if the small few have issue with this theme is just ask for help or search the forum for answers. I fell in love with Visionary theme…now Hybrid News is the best!

  63. Frederick


    I’ve been working with WordPress for over three years now and I’ll tell you something I’ve learned. If it doesn’t work right out of the box (and this theme as downloaded doesn’t) you could spend hours and hours trying to get it working right, but you will continue to have trouble with more an more things down the line. The read me file tells me nothing you can’t learn elsewhere on this site in regards to installation, and it doesn’t solve the issue of wordpress (2.7) telling me the theme is broken and the template is missing.


    There are no answers in the forum, the closest one that came to it a few days ago was an individual who had to delete her files redownload and reinstall Hybrid and Hybrid News. As far as I’m concerned the problem is solved.

  64. Cadillac

    Frederick :

    I had the same problem and no one could help and it seems many people have the problem, so I’m not sure why Justin has not addressed this yet.

    Some text deleted by admin. Please don’t post things that should go into the support forums, especially statements that are inaccurate.

  65. Justin Tadlock

    Frederick and Cadillac — Please don’t post here in the comments again unless you have something positive to add. Anyone that has problems setting the theme up is welcome to the same support services as anyone else.

    I have already seen this theme implemented on literally hundreds of sites, and it’s working perfectly fine.

  66. btfish

    what can I write in the Series of the custom value?

  67. Dan

    btfish, ask in the support forums, and I will be glad to give you an answer.

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  69. Matt Kern

    Beautiful site. Can’t wait to dig in.

    Thanks again.

  70. dinu

    great work justin 🙂
    when are you releasing life collage theme ? 🙂

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  73. Michelle

    I like it. Clean and crisp. 🙂

  74. […] 3. Hybrid News – View & Download Here […]

  75. Gon

    Sorry if i ask it here…
    I’ve finished hybrid theme translation
    but, I’ve a problem..I can’t find my language code on
    because it’s a traditional language..So, what should I do?
    Actually, I’ve already sent you email about it..

  76. Missy (from G34 Media)

    Love it. And want to install on several of my blogs. However when downloaded, nothing shows up on my wp admin. Weird. Has never happened to me before.

    Just one quick question: Does it matter which theme is downloaded first? I installed the child theme first, then the main one. Does that affect things.

    P.S. I use version 2.7


  77. clindsey48

    I really like the Hybrid News theme. Is there a way to not display the categories in the bar just under the site title?

  78. Justin Tadlock

    clindsey48 — Please ask support questions in the support forums.

  79. dr mony

    just after watching this theme i am planing to change my current website theme to it……….

  80. silverelf

    Just a future suggestion upgrade, since hybrid news is supposed to be a news theme, shouldn’t the theme be printer friendly? Not sure whether its possible, just a suggestion yupps =)

  81. Lavrai

    It’s a shame that those who have “support” questions about setting up this “free” premium theme properly have to “pay.” I was using your Structure theme and decided to switch to this Hybrid News theme after realizing you have retired Structure. But since I’m having so much trouble setting it up (the featured slide doesn’t appear, nor do images, nor do the headline categories), and can find no answers on how to use this “free” theme without having to pay for them, I’ll have to look elsewhere.

    I understand everyone has to eat, but goodness. Having to pay to properly use the “free” theme after all?

  82. Justin Tadlock

    silverelfHybrid has an optional print stylesheet you may include. But, it still needs a little work.

    Lavrai — What’s really a shame is that you’re actually complaining about something someone gave you completely free. If you don’t like how things are done here, you are free to go somewhere else. But, please, don’t waste our time by leaving insulting comments.

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  85. kuzzuk

    Does it need a index.php file because after uploading the theme, the Manage Themes of Administrator shows a message under Broken Themes saying Hybrid News Template is missing.

    Anyone else experienced this issue?

  86. kuzzuk

    RTFM. I got it installed properly.

  87. Paolo

    Very nice theme. I’ve inserted it in WordPressGala, my WP themes gallery site.

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  91. Chris

    Justin, I just noticed that Hybrid News is listed as version 0.1.1 on its theme page. What changed from v 0.1?

  92. Nikolaus

    Hey Justin,

    great theme!
    I really like the way you promote your work. Giving out the theme for free and offering help for the ones who need it in payed support is really what I was looking for in terms of GPL. This is, what it should be like – compared to all this premium-trash out there… This makes everybody happy! Thanks

    Btw: sent you an email about customization. Would be happy if you could do it for me. More infos about what is needed to do, if you’re interested.


  93. miccky

    I am from China.English is not so good.
    I have spent lots time on the theme,but I still can’t make me satisfied.I want to make my blog as you show to us,but there must be something wrong .
    first :the left top where you show is a women with a ball
    second:how can I put the hottags randow archives together?
    last:the bottom :Topics,Wordpress,TAGS how how how??
    very thanks for helping me

    Email deleted by the administrator.

  94. Justin Tadlock

    Chris — Lots of stuff changed. The functions file, the stylesheet, admin functions, and so on. I done a pretty big overhaul of it.

    Nikolaus — Thanks. I think the free theme with paid support services works pretty well too. It gives users a way to try the theme out before making any investments. Kind of a “try before you buy” but you can keep without ever buying.

    I sent you an email back as well.

    miccky — If you need help with the theme, stop by the support forums.

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  96. Cirurgia Plastica

    That theme is awesome. The rolling gallery with the featured news really gives it a professional look! It seems easy to use too! Thanks

  97. pipesjr

    Help! If anybody sees this that has downloaded ‘hybrid’: I can’t get it to work! After uploading it to my WP site, all that shows up in my themes thumbnail is a ‘?’ in the header and a blank page! What did I do? Can anyone help me sort this mess out? Thanks…

  98. Vicky Web World

    This is the post beautiful free wordpress theme on the internet.

    Thanks. I am using the theme on my website. The theme is not just for news sites, it has an unlimited use.

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  100. karla

    this is a great theme and i’d like to use it – but when i upload the hybrid news into the ftp, it doesn’t go into a theme file. it breaks apart and all of the theme files are listed *separately* on the main themes page (not sure how to explain it without a screenshot)

    therefore, the theme isn’t showing up on my site as an option to use… any suggestions?

    many thanks!

  101. Robin

    Great theme!! I was trying to get another NatMag theme going but yours is much better!!

    It would help a lot to put on the install page to have ‘hybrid’ theme installed first and to put hybrid news in the hybrid theme folder. It took me a bit of searching here in the comments and at wptavern but I finally found it. I didn’t found any post in the support forum.

  102. Robin

    I’m still having the problem to get a correct layout (see my website link) I can’t find any answer about this problem in support forum.

    I have installed it in themes/hybrid/hybrid-news
    Should I install any further plugins?
    Nothing is showing on this manual page “hybrid-news/getting-started” or readme.html included in the theme folder.

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  104. ConnorJack

    Seriously, wow! Thanks for this theme! I’ve been searching for one like this for ages!

  105. papillooon

    Great theme…
    But I think there is a little “but”, according to the demo (not only on my barely installed version) : when the picture are more vertical than horizontal… it is deformed in the slider … isn’t it ?
    like here : Brad Pitt at a Japanese premiere / By Justin Tadlock on February 1, 2009
    Can’t you fix it ?
    Thanks from France anyway, hybrid is a wonderful tool !

  106. Ruggero

    Congratulations for a great theme framework and child theme.
    And I agree that free software + paid support is a great way to go.

    Question: does anybody want to show off their implementations of Hybrid News? Or other people’s? It’s nice to see the vanilla one but we don’t want our websites to look all the same… so I am curious to see the best results in customization for this theme.

    Anybody can list the(ir) best examples?

  107. Johny Kumar

    Why does it say ” Stylesheet is missing. Hybrid News Template is missing. ” when i try to install Hybrid News theme? It is Broken. I dont know why?

  108. Nail

    Beautiful theme! Thank you very much for sharing it. Keep the good work on.

  109. Joe Somebody

    I can’t over how awesome this theme is! The scrolling window is te exact touch I needed to give my poltical blog a professional sheen! I just have one question if anyone could help me. Somehow when tweaking the code to match the blog, I lost my favorite feature – the condensed posts on the front page. The page now shows full length posts. How do I restore it back to the way it originally was? Thanks much.

    the blog is at thelcomment.blogspot.com

  110. John Hoff - WpBlogHost

    Like Johny Kumar, it won’t install for me, either. It says the stylesheet is missing and so is the theme’s files.

    I definitely know how to install themes.

    The odd thing is, when I look at what’s unzipped, there are not theme files (no sidebar.php, index.php, etc.).

    The theme looks great, any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks.

  111. John Hoff - WpBlogHost

    Ah never mind, I just learned how to read and noticed you said in the article that you need Hybrid installed. Got it 😉

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  116. mike

    Deleted as an inappropriate comment for this site.

  117. muhammad

    What kind slide show plugin that you use on this theme ?

  118. Donna

    I’ve been Hybrid News on normal WordPress sites, it’s great. But I just tried using it on a WP-MU site, and everything works fine except that the page templates aren’t available. Only the default template appears in the drop down list. I can’t figure it out. Any ideas how to fix it so that the other page templates show up?

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  120. Bonnie Bucqueroux

    I thought some of you might enjoy seeing how we used the theme on Lansing Online News – http://lansingonlinenews.com We use Widgetbox to bring in our Tumblr feed, which also posts to Twitter and Facebook. The theme is just great for our purposes.

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  123. ed

    First of all, congrats for this great theme. I understand why so many people have praised it repeatedly here.

    Now, like many others here, I’m having troubles after installing the child theme. It shows plain text and now sliding effects or categories.

    Now, I would like to pay eventually for this, but how can I do that before trying properly?

    It’s just not working as seen in the demo.

    Any help, I’d appreciate.

  124. pykko

    On your website says version 0.3 for Hybrid News. If I install I get 0.2. Why?

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