1. Well, I guess you got your wish. 😉

    If the plugin idea takes off with the users around here, I’ll write some more that extend Hybrid like this. I’m just kind of testing out the waters right now, so to speak.

  2. Great plugin.thanks.It makes the life much easier

  3. Mayur Somani

    Its a great idea. Thanks.

  4. I’ll add it to the plugin directory if I ever release it completely to the public and non-exclusive members.

  5. Another impressive tool to complete Hybrid! Great work Justin!!

  6. joshuacc

    Really impressive tool, Justin. I’m working on my website right now, and the combination of Hybrid and the Hybrid Hook is working like a charm. Thanks!

  7. Only started using/’playing with’ Hybrid a few weeks ago. Justin, you have really done an awesome job with this theme and in particular your approach/strategy to how flexible and easily amended themes should be. Haven’t tried it yet but the Hook plugin continues with this fantastic approach to themes. Thank you!

  8. rodfra

    hey justin how are you? well i hope …

    would like to say thanks for all your efforts & was wondering does the hybrid hook eliminate the need to use the “all-in-one-seo” plugin ???

    cheers & take care

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