Hybrid Hook 0.2 makes customizing your site even easier

In December, I released the first version of the Hybrid Hook plugin. It was a pretty cool plugin, but it was lacking a lot of finesse. After months of user feedback and seeing how everyone was using the plugin, I decided to give this plugin a much-needed update.

The new version will make your life much simpler, especially if you’re an average end user. Developers, you can work with this too. Just imagine setting up a client’s site and simply plugging in additional code from an admin screen. It lets you do the work but gives your client easy access to change things up.

The biggest improvement of this version is that I’ve created a few functions that will allow me to easily plug in new action hooks in the future. It’s more efficient and cleaner than the previous version.

What does the Hybrid Hook plugin do?

It provides a user interface that allows the input of custom code. Your code is then added to an action hook provided by the theme. It’s an extension of the Hybrid theme, which must be installed for this plugin to work. You plug in your code; Hybrid executes it.

Most of the hooks within Hybrid are given a textarea where you can input:

  • HTML
  • Shortcodes (new feature)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Version 0.2 adds a little extra to the normal setup. You can choose to execute PHP on a hook-by-hook basis as well as choose the priority you want your code to run on the hook.

New admin screen

I also gave the plugin a bit of a facelift. It should be much easier to figure out where your code will go on the site and stay organized.

Using the Hybrid Hook settings
Using the Hybrid Hook settings

What’s in store for the future?

Here’s a few things I have in mind for the future:

  • Allow editing of the output of filter hooks and not just the ability to add content to action hooks.
  • Add more action hooks to the settings screen.
  • Create a sister plugin for WordPress itself that lets you tap into the WordPress hook system.

Download the plugin

If you’re upgrading from version 0.1, your settings will be lost. I assure you this won’t happen in future versions, but it was a necessary evil with this version. The best thing to do is just save your settings to a text file and transfer them over.

This version is now hosted on the WordPress plugin repository, so you can stay updated when new versions arrive.

Full instructions are in the readme.html file, which is included with the plugin download.


  1. Such a great Plugin. I would suggest backing up your previous codes before upgrading.

  2. mp

    I consider this an architecturally significant direction for Hybrid – and am please that your implementation will be plugin-based – so as to keep the core, “light-weight”.

    As I have often stated – Your dedication, receptivity to ideas, and programming competency are greatly appreciated – and will keep me looking to Hybrid for the “best” implementations of the plethora of ideas and features that are in common “circulation” – with respect to WordPress.

    1. Thanks. This is a big part of keeping the core lightweight, but making it easier for average users to take advantage of some of the more powerful features.

  3. Wonderful… Justin… your plugin and your theme are always so user friendly and it helps a programming idiot like me… 😉

    Thank you so much!

    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad you like the plugins and themes.

  4. macworkshop

    Hi Justin,

    Nice work – but where have the Default Hybrid Function checkboxes gone? Am I missing something?

    1. Ditto. I saw the checkboxes in the screenshot, installed this plugin and …gone…

      They are exactly what I need.

      1. macworkshop In reply to swindsor

        It seems Justin has removed those options:


        Justin, I understand why you’ve done that, but a heads-up to your users would have been appreciated.

  5. lowlight

    It would be great to have a Tertiary Widget hook, for those that use Hybrid-News.

    1. The Hybrid theme has no Tertiary widget area. This plugin is about extending Hybrid, not its child themes. So, it’s not likely we’ll be seeing anything like this added.

  6. Dude, this is freakin’ AWESOME! I’m rapidly becoming a huge fan of your work. I should have added you to my feed reader a long time ago as the work you are doing blows the socks of anything else in the WP theming community.

    I don’t think I fully understood what you were doing with this “Theme Framework” business until recently. I had a vague idea and I could see uses for it, but I never fully grasped the ramifications of it.

    Top stuff! Keep it up 🙂

  7. does this allow me to expand the side bar to meet the needs of the htlm code or java script? i am very new and trying to learn everything at once – no possible!


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