1. thatryan

    Awesome work Justing and contributors! I am new to this framework and have been puttering around with it for a new project I am on, will update to official 2.0 now.

    I absolutely love this code, very helpful, well written and commented.

    Will Hybrid Base be updated as well?

    Thanks again!

  2. Tung Do

    I’m glad the major changes are about slimming down the framework. Even though not everything is loaded, for a time, it felt a little bit bloated.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I knocked 66 KB off the ZIP file while still packing in a ton of new stuff. That’s not bad at all. 🙂

      I know what you mean though about some things feeling a bit bloated. There were a lot of features that just weren’t being used anymore. Removing all the widgets really helped too.

  3. Jason


  4. mp

    Sweet. Still leading the pack.

  5. Joan

    Awesome job. Kudos to you, Justin, and to Rarst. Great job improving and slimming down the framework. 🙂

  6. agusmu

    Finally… It is time to make my Hybrid Core 2.0 powered wordpress theme…

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  8. Sami Keijonen

    Are you planning to update older themes like Prototype to version 2.0?

    • Justin Tadlock

      I’m not entirely sure yet. The first thing I want to do is gauge users’ interest in older themes (most people are using the newer themes). I might end up retiring some themes and keeping some, which would be upgraded over time.

  9. Riz

    Hi Justin, apologies if this is a newb question.

    I’ve been using Stargazer for 6+ months now and love it. However, I am unfamiliar with frameworks. Is this something that needs to be “enabled,” or does it come with it out of the box?

    I saw you mention something about putting a bit of code in the header. Wondering if you could direct me on what to do (if I have to do anything).

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

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  11. iVideoWeb

    Nice work Justin,

    Thanks for finally releasing 2.0 :), been using beta(s) for a long time ;), glad to see the final release.


    Fonts extension,

    I have been using Fonts Extension since its v. first inclusion into the framework, and really liked it.

    Not sure what factors caused the removal decision, if you don’t want to re-include in core, I would appreciate if you could host the project separate, as being a core contributor if you host it, will really appreciate it.

    Also could you please provide pluggable or backward compatibility for prefix. You just suddenly removed it before final launch, and I wasn’t prepared for this.

    So will appreciate if you can provide temporary work around, so I can use 2.0 with my theme as is without re-writing the “prefix” logic or remove the prefixed functions etc :(.


    Keep up the good work ;), CHEERS 😀

    • Justin Tadlock

      For the Theme Fonts extension, I will be putting together a separate project on GitHub. I feel like it has a lot of potential, but it just got added way too early to the framework. I think it needs to go through a few rounds of refinement.

      As for use of the theme prefix in the atomic hook functions, that’s going to be no. One of the reasons I linked to Semantic Versioning in the post and wrote the “Why version 2.0?” section was to explain that this was a major version of the framework, which wouldn’t support backwards compatibility. Plus, you can simply add the prefix yourself when using the functions.

  12. iVideoWeb


    I would like that. I use it on all my projects, so I would not want it to get lost in the midst of new major release hype :D.

    Sure, I use it v. often, so I can suggest some refinements frequently but because of your strict standards, I find myself not suggesting one :), as I am afraid they will not be entertained.

    Yeah I understand that, and I don’t any backwards compatibility (deprecated code), I was just interested in keeping prefix logic for little while (I never saw you deprecate it in any previous releases not till you merged beta 2 release to master branch, so I suggest you deprecate it for some releases and than you remove it completely in next major release), and provide alternative for users who want it, so they can just use alternative.

    As I have been using it heavily, and its not gonna be a quick code refactoring / cleanup / redo, specific to prefix feature, so I am refraining from upgrading to final release 2.0, and using 2.0 beta 1 (been using it since its release).

    So please re-consider your decision about prefix logic for hooks, and provide alternative for new users. Or set no prefix logic as default and provide alternative for users like me so I can utilize it, unless I completely rewrite my code.

  13. Justin Tadlock

    The prefix stuff for the hybrid_*() hook functions was something used in the dev version. It was never officially added, so there’s nothing to even deprecate. There was a GitHub issue to discuss this though. Plus, I’ve already provided you with an alternative in my previous reply. Hop on over to the support forums if you need help implementing it.

    I also think there may be some confusion about what a “major” release is, which is understandable coming from the WordPress world. The next major release of Hybrid Core might be 5 years from now (version 3.0.0). It’s been years since the last major release (version 1.0.0).

    See, WordPress doesn’t follow semantic versioning. Technically, they have “minor” and “patch” releases. When you do minor releases, you preserve backwards compatibility (Version 3.9). When you do patch releases, you fix bugs (version 3.9.1).

    Hybrid Core follows semantic versioning, which has major, minor, and patch releases. The difference between a major release (2.0.0) and a minor release (1.6.0) is that major releases break backwards compatibility. You know it’s a major release when the first number changes (e.g., the “2” in 2.0.0). So, you have major.minor.patch. Often, you can think of it like using a new piece of software.

  14. iVideoWeb

    Hi Justin,

    Plus, I’ve already provided you with an alternative in my previous reply.

    I don’t see you comment which provides me alternative?

    Point me to right direction.

    Note: I am waiting for wordpress 4.0 release, and than I will rewrite my Parent Theme and than I would like to incorporate HC 2.0 in my theme.

    No I don’t need implementation, I just need guideline from you point how it can work (with 2.0) and which code / functions will be affected,

    as you have the deep understanding of the code (HC), so I prefer your guidance.

    Also I didn’t knew that major release must / should / would be breaking things for sure. Its a rule of thumb? & should we not provide backward compatibility in major releases? (Plugin or Themes)?


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