Hybrid Core version 1.5

Since August, I’ve been working away at version 1.5 of Hybrid Core. It’s been a long road getting this release ready. There were so many new features added that it needed the extra time for additional testing.

Today, I am happy to announce that Hybrid Core 1.5 is officially out. You can grab the latest copy from the Hybrid Core page.

What’s new?

One of the biggest changes I’ve made is I’ve gone through and updated the formatting on a large portion of the code to make it even easier for developers to read. I’ll continue this process through version 1.6 as well. Several bugs have also been squashed as a direct result of community input and feedback.

While the following is not a complete list of all the changes, it does represent the major areas (plus features) that were added or modified in this release.

  • Allow for comments template based off post type (e.g., comments-post.php, comments-page.php, etc.).
  • Theme customizer section added for the Theme Layouts extension that allows user to choose a global layout.
  • Added a random background generator.
  • Added a featured header image extension.
  • Added a post format tools extension.
  • Added the Hybrid Core Scripts loader feature.
  • Added the Hybrid Core Styles loader feature.
  • Added a permanent “Customize” link under the “Appearance” menu for users to quickly access the theme customizer.
  • Added the hybrid_locate_theme_file() function for loading JavaScript, CSS, and images in the same way that WordPress’ locate_template() loads templates.
  • Post Stylesheets extension now has a drop-down select instead of a text input for choosing a per-post stylesheet.
  • Handle multiple queried archives in the global context instead of choosing the first archive.
  • Breadcrumb Trail:
    • Breadcrumb Trail extension now supports even more custom scenarios.
    • Archive-type and single post pagination is now supported in breadcrumbs.
    • Added support for individual sites in a multisite network.
    • Handles attachments in breacrumbs for post types other than “post”.
  • Widgets:
    • Wrap “none-styled” authors in Authors widget with <p> tag.
    • Removed the walker option from the Nav Menu widget.
    • Added the order option to the Archives widget.

You can view the complete history of the changes on the Hybrid Core 1.5 commit page.

New tutorials

To go with the newly-added features, I’ve written a few new tutorials:

Other things of note

SEO: As of today, I am officially announcing that themes built off the Hybrid Core framework should not use the Hybrid Core SEO feature any longer. The code was originally added to the framework because it was for my personal blog. Well, the entire framework was originally built for my personal blog. However, this is obviously no longer the case. This has been an unwritten rule for some time. I’m just making it official now.

SEO is better handled by plugins like WP SEO, which is the SEO plugin that I officially endorse. I will also be more than happy to help anyone who has used this feature in the past port their data over to the plugin.

Hybrid theme stylesheets: In version 1.6, the following Hybrid theme stylesheets (located in /library/css) will be removed from the framework.

  • 2c-l-fixed.css
  • 2c-r-fixed.css
  • 3c-l-fixed.css
  • 3c-r-fixed.css
  • 3c-c-fixed.css
  • holy-grail-fluid.css
  • plugins.css
  • screen.css

These files have long been moved to the Hybrid theme’s /css folder. There’s no need for them to be in the framework taking up space on users’ sites who do not use that theme.

So, if you’re importing any of those stylesheets, make sure to import them from the correct place. I’m more than willing to help you out with this in the support forums if you need help.


  1. I can’t wait to put new features in action. Styles Loader is one of my favorite new thing even if it might not be the biggest change.

    1. The styles feature is definitely cool. I envision it being used to load conditional styles based on theme customizer options or something like that.

      I have to say my favorite feature is the Random Custom Background generator, mostly because it was fun to test out. It kept me from getting bored each time I refreshed the page in development anyway.

  2. Like Sami, I’m also very interested about the Styles Loader. I read the book SMACSS that encourages to separate styles in categories like base, layout, modules, states and theme. I like what I read and I started to apply this in my styles. ‘Cause of this the Styles Loader is a very welcome feature for me!

  3. Already using those Post Format Tools in a new theme – for displaying videos instead of post excerpts. Had some ugly thing before that.

    And I’ll finally add minified stylesheets – this new solution looks user-friendly enough.

    I didn’t plan using global layouts (just per-post), but clicking the options in the customizer looks too much fun so I’ll be adding support for that as well.

    1. One of the reasons I had renamed “Post Layouts” to “Theme Layouts” early on was because I felt that the feature needed to be more than just a per-post thing. Then, when the theme customizer came out and I’d helped Sami work on global layouts for one of his themes, it just made sense to go ahead and build it in.

      If you decide you don’t want a global layout option though, you can always disable it.

  4. Great news. I’ll grab the latest copy and test it out!

  5. Excellent work, thanks Justin! you da man!

  6. Paul

    Hi Justin

    Regarding the letting go of Hybrid SEO, I am asking if you could make a plugin out of it and put it in WordPress.org ‘s repo ? This way both Hybrid users who’s been using this part can still keep using it and WordPress community can use it too.

    Not everyone wants all the features of Yoast’s plugin, it’s a great but a bit overkill in some aspect. Hybrid SEO is light and to the point.

    here is the post that I remember

    1. It’ll be a long, long time before this feature is removed from the framework, if ever. I’ll probably still be using it as long as I have a blog. I’m simply telling theme authors not to enable the feature by default in their theme.

      Sorry if I was unclear in the post. As a user, you’ll still be able to enable it if you want to use it.

      A plugin is still an idea that’s on the table though.

  7. wow, great work Justin. I can’t wait to use all these awesome new features on future projects.

  8. A lot to digest here : ) Really digging the post format helpers and the theme layout stuff. Thanks, Justin. I’m excited to get some themes / sites up to date with 1.5!

  9. mp

    Nice job, as usual. Solid reconciliation – and no self-indulgence.
    Thanks, Justin.

  10. lkraav

    Justin, heads up – ever since * 6050c1e – Version bump to 0.2 alpha. (4 weeks ago) you have a typo in your .gitconfig:

    I think some git filter-branching and history mangling is in order here, and let people rebase after world is right again.

    1. Ahh, that was a typo when I was setting up TortoiseGit on my new computer. Thanks for letting me know.

  11. lkraav

    Oh great, wrapping the name in lt and gt wasn’t the brightest idea.

    Your name reads “Jutin Tadlock” up until current HEAD.

  12. lkraav

    Just thread through the new tutorials. While it’s good stuff as always, some illustrative screenshots would be really helpful esp. when there’s multiple options to choose from (Theme Layouts).

    1. The Theme Layouts tutorial could use a couple of screenshots. I was thinking about that the other day.

  13. Yea! Good News. One question: is “Responsive”, “HTML5” and “CSS3” part of the Hybrid equation? Thanks.

    1. Hybrid Core really has nothing to do with those things, so they’re not a part of the equation. Granted, there are areas Hybrid Core outputs some HTML, but it’s all HTML5-ready.

      If some things come up where we need to change a script or some code though, I’ll do definitely add it in.

      It’s really up to you if you want a responsive, HTML5, and CSS3 theme. Hybrid Core won’t step in your way.

  14. Hey Justin,

    Are your current themes (specifically Picturesque and Unique) going to be updated to Hybrid Core 1.5 or new themes only?

    Is there an updating process that theme users themselves can use to keep their themes current with each new version of Hybrid Core?

    Is it possible to make Hybrid Core a Plugin, that any theme user can use?

    1. Are your current themes (specifically Picturesque and Unique) going to be updated to Hybrid Core 1.5 or new themes only?

      All themes will be updated. I’m working on that now.

      Is there an updating process that theme users themselves can use to keep their themes current with each new version of Hybrid Core?

      No. This must be done by your theme author.

      Is it possible to make Hybrid Core a Plugin, that any theme user can use?

      No. The framework is very much tied directly into being inside of a theme folder.

      1. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        Hey again Justin,

        As you update your current themes with Hybrid Core 1.5 will they be given new version numbers, or just keep the current ones?

        1. In reply to shapeshifter3

          They get new version numbers.

  15. Hi, I’m new to frameworks and normally build my wordpress themes from scratch so I’m not entirely sure where to begin diving in with something like this….can you recommend a good starting point?

    Based on all the features your framework provides Id love to take a crack at it, just not sure where to start.

    Thanks and sorry for the newb question 🙂

    1. The best place to start is to read through the Hybrid Core setup tutorial. And, of course, looking at how the other themes here do it is also helpful.

      If you need any help with it, just open a new topic in the support forums.

  16. enzocapone

    Hi Justin,

    How will we know when a theme has been updated in order to function fully with the newest Hybrid core 1.5? Will they have new version number? Will you post an announcement? Personally I’m very interested in knowing whether or not “structure” is all ready to go for hybrid core 1.5.

    1. You’ll be notified via your WordPress admin when a theme update is available.

  17. Johann

    I wonder where the theme support for hybrid-core-drop-downs has gone? There’s nothing to find about it in the changelog but the feature has obviously been removed from 1.5.

    1. See the tutorial on the new Scripts Loader.

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