Hybrid Core 1.3.1 release

Hybrid Core 1.3.1 is officially here. This is a minor update to fix three issues, which are:

  • Debug notices cleaned for the Pages widget.
  • Debug notices cleaned for the Bookmarks widget.
  • Fixes pagination (for Loop Pagination extension) for some edge-case scenarios.

Most of these are minor. However, you’ll definitely want to update for the debug notices if you plan on hosting your theme on WordPress.org and getting through the theme review process.

You can download the latest version from the framework page.

Hosted on GitHub

Hybrid Core is also now hosted on GitHub. I’ll go into more details at a later date, but I’m moving away from Subversion to use Git for all my repository needs. Eventually, everything will be moved over. For now, it’s just Hybrid Core.

So, for those of you that have been using Subversion, you’ll want to make the switch for Hybrid Core. Please feel free to ask any questions in the support forums if you need help with it.

Of course, you can always download a ZIP of the framework if needed.


  1. Awesome about going to Git.

  2. Also, remember get_theme_data is deprecated and should be replaced by wp_get_theme.

    1. That change is for WP 3.4, which hasn’t yet been released. It’ll be used in Hybrid Core 1.4 though.

  3. FxBe

    is it normal that the update is missing the languages folder ?

    1. Yes, it was supposed to be removed before I released 1.3.

  4. Well it’s empty anyway so I guess it’s not needed yet.

  5. Hi Justin!

    Can I use Hybrid Core with any existing WordPress theme as well ?
    Also, can I use it for building custom themes with Starkers or Toolbox or _s ?

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