Hybrid 0.7 survey results

A few weeks ago, I opened the Hybrid 0.7 survey to get feedback on the next major release of the Hybrid theme framework.

This survey was a bit different than my typical survey because it only had four multiple-choice questions. The remaining six questions called for more detailed user input. A large reason for this is because Hybrid is at a point where ideas matter more than a ton of yes/no questions.

I wanted to get people involved with the project. To let voices be heard. Let you have an opinion about the future of the theme.

Since the last six questions can’t be represented in any real way in tabular results, I’m splitting those results into a series of posts. In each post, I’ll address your ideas the best I can. While I can’t reply to every individual answer, I’ll do my best to cover most of the general ideas.

The survey results

I’ve put together a chart with the results, so you can take a look at this in a nicely-formatted way:

The biggest question still hovering around is whether Hybrid 0.7 will keep its SEO features. Since the results are so close, the best option I see is to leave everything as it is now. There wasn’t enough of a gap between the answers to come up with a solution that would please everyone. This isn’t necessarily the final decision, but it is likely what we’ll see in 0.7.

Go ahead a take a look at the survey results and expect more-detailed posts on the last six questions this week.