1. indi

    Hi Justin,

    Firstly, well done on all the work you have put in to release a leaner framework and more effective base for us to create our sites.

    As an avid user of the Options theme, I have taken the plunge to opt for your Hybrid framework.

    I hope this will be the right move as it does mean a lot of work initially to move things over.

    Plus, the issue of custom fields like Image, Feature Image, Thumbnails etc. How am I going to convert my site to utilise these in the new version etc.

    If there is a guide or pointers that could help with the overall process, please let me know. As any help with this will be much appreciated.


    1. I typically use all the same custom field keys, so transferring between my themes should at least be made easier with custom fields. Really, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the themes as far as markup goes, so any design ports should be pretty straightforward.

  2. Oh.. I was waiting for this release. Came at a perfect time.

    I had a client convinced to wait till this version is out before i start working. Also I planned to come up with few child themes based on hybrid for distribution. Good i waited else i would have to revisit the code again.. 😉

    Time to go to the sandbox and begin testing the new theme. Gzip with WordPress 2.8 coupled with leaner hybrid code smell good pageload times to me. Off late I have been very picky on decreasing page load times wrt SEO. Thanks again.


    1. Well, I’m glad I could get it out for you. Good luck with your client. I’ll be awaiting some cool child themes.

  3. As I commented before – started tinkering with previous version, considering it for custom child theme. Took a pause for this release and happy to see it. 🙂

    Question – is Skeleton (that is suggested basis for child theme as I understood) need/will be updated to reflect changes in WP 2.8/Hybrid 0.6 ?

    1. Skeleton doesn’t need to be updated. It’s just a blank theme. I do plan on updating it at some point though, giving it some more classes and showing the layout stylesheets. I’ll probably do that this week. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

  4. thanks for the update 🙂 gotta move my music blog from options to Hybrid now ..

  5. Hello Justin,

    I am a great fan of hybrid and has been using it on both of my blogs. One thing I noticed and is bugging me that the auto thumbnail function is not working after upgrading to WP 2.8 and Hybrid 0.6. Any idea why this might be happening.


    1. The auto-thumbnails are working great on WordPress 2.8 and Hybrid 0.6. I’ve tested this to death on my movie database. Stop by the forums, and we’ll see if we can figure out what’s going on. But, I can honestly say that little has changed with the code in both the theme and WordPress in this area.

      1. Thank you Justin for clearing this out….I will definitely check my side of the problem as if you have checked this completely then there should be some problem at my end….

        Thank you again and any idea when some new child themes are coming ?

  6. Leo

    I’ve created several sub-theme based on Hybrid. It makes designing so much easier.
    Thanks very much for Hybrid Theme!

  7. Huh. Something changed, noticeably, with my titles.

    Now my home page title is ‘Welcome’ and none of my pages have my site name (it used to be ‘title’ – ‘website name’).

    1. That’ll be easy enough to change. A couple of things have changed here, which I should’ve mentioned in the post.

      1. *heh* I was all confused and trying to figure out what’d happened (switched back and they came back). Did the settings move, or is it all functions now?

      2. Justin, you never detailed how to change the site title back. There was a setting before – did that get moved somewhere else or do I need to look in the functions? Thanks for a great theme!

      3. Yes, there was a post on this somewhere in the forums with the code. There was also a discussion on this in 0.6 thread in the community forums. All I did was just change it back to how it was before 0.5.

  8. dhavaljani

    Thanks:) 0.6 is here yay!!!

  9. Great release, Justin!

    I am especially impressed by all the functionality you cram into so little code.
    Going to test it immediately on a clients project!

    I bow to your generosity.

  10. Bonnie

    Hey, Justin, good job! I hope you enjoy the game of golf… you deserve it!

    Any effects the new Hybrid will have on Hybrid News?

    1. I enjoyed the game, but today, I’m not enjoying anything — sunburn and soreness.

      Hybrid and Hybrid News play well together.

  11. Thanks for updating the theme and making it much cleaner and lighter.

    I have two questions for you though. Is the default Hybrid supposed to be this bare? As in no colors/design?

    And….Hybrid News. Maybe its just me and I am having some bad luck but when I download it and activate it doesn’t display how the demo displays it. Is this because of the changes you made to 0.6?

    1. Question 1: Yes.

      Question 2: Follow the tutorials on setting it up. If you need help, just ask in the support forums.

  12. gaspy

    I’m using Hybrid News on a site. Will it continue to work if I upgrade the Hybrid theme?

  13. Michiel

    Great stuff Justin. I’m going to update some sites right now…. 🙂

  14. Great job, Justin.
    I am waiting for releasing the hybrid 0.6.

    I am impressed by the new templates and the layout stylesheet files.
    Especally, I’m happy knowing to include the layout stylesheets files.

    Going to test it immediately.

    1. I’m glad you’re excited about the layout stylesheets. This is something I’ve always been planning, but I just needed to finish it. It should help cut out much of the mundane work of building a site.

  15. enej

    Thank you so much.
    I really love working with the hybrid theme framework. I can go from mock-up to a full site within a day instead of a week.

    Great Work!!!

    1. That’s what I like so much about it. If I have the design, the child theme can be created quickly.

  16. Hai justin,
    Coming here after a couple of months.
    1. can you please discuss the latest widget problem of hybrid and also the solution here on the blog or atleast give us an updated zip file of hybrid v0.6 ?
    2. please update the demo to the latest version of hybrid and wordpress.
    3. and why not update the Theme Hybrid Lab (http://themehybrid.com/lab) ? I would love to live on the Bleeding Edge.
    anyway Congrats on the 0.6 release.

    1. Yeah, I hadn’t saw you around in a while.

      1) There is no widget problem with Hybrid. Whatever issues with upgrading and widgets is described in the post above.
      2) The demo is currently running both WordPress 2.8 and Hybrid 0.6.
      3) It never really took off because not enough people were interested in it at first. I do hope to do more with it in the future though.

      1. sorry. I mean to say about the demo of hybrid news (and not the hybrid theme) is still running on wp 2.7 and hybrid 0.5

        and where is hybrid 0.7 beta ? (eager to try that )

      2. I might update the Hybrid News demo one day. It looks and behaves the same either way.

        Hybrid 0.7 Beta? That’s a long way off.

  17. I like Hybrid News and every time I got time, I am trying to study the codes so that I could customize the appearance of the site. Great work Justin, keep it up!

  18. indyan

    It really looks awesome. Possibly the best free them out there. But too bad I can’t get it to work and cant afford to spend $25 bucks for support either.

    The problem isn’t with the theme. Its somethng else. No theme or plugin using jquery is working. I even tried disabling all plugins. Even that didn’t work. I am out of ideas as to how I should fix this issue. This occurs even with the current theme I am using. Plugins based on jquery refuse to work.

  19. dainix

    I must say my best words to your Hybrid theme – I wanted to create a new design to my website, and after long search for premium themes..to buy, I returned here, bought your support.. and now browsing through all tutorials to get my feet on.

    It’s pretty hard to remember all those snippets if you’re not coding and using it daily, but I hope at the end there will be very good child theme 🙂

    And I really promise I will write review about using this beautiful framework, when I will be finished, though I am a little bit shy to ask for support, because 25$ is really cheap for such services..

    1. Feel free to ask support questions anytime. That’s what I’m here for. 😉

      I’m happy to have you as part of the community.

  20. so many themes look styling and fancy color over the page, but i found Hybrid news theme not only awesome design but suit for SEOer, glad to be a part of your theme fans, thanks for the fully support, Justin.

  21. I was all confused and trying to figure out what happened switched back and they came back. Did the settings move, or is it all functions now?

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