Get the Image: Version 1.1.0

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The best image/thumbnail plugin for WordPress is back with a brand new version and some nice changes.

I had been tinkering with this update for quite a while. There were few features that I could think of adding to this plugin. After years of development, it pretty much got the job done for most use cases. But, I managed to come up with some new things when working on some projects that utilized the script.

Note: If you’re on the latest version of Hybrid Core, it already has this version of Get the Image packaged with it.

The new plugin features

Responsive images:

This isn’t actually a new feature. We’ve been using it in Hybrid Core for a couple of years, but it never got officially released in the plugin version. The new srcset_sizes argument allows you to define an array of image size + descriptor pairs to define which image the browser should use.

Linking the image:

We’ve always been able to either link the image to the post or to not link to anything at all. The link_to_post argument has been deprecated in favor of the new link argument. It takes multiple value possibilities:

  • 'post' or true – Links the image to the post.
  • 'file' – Links to the image file itself.
  • 'attachment' – Links to the image attachment page (if image is attachment).
  • false – No link.

Link class:

A new link_class argument allows you to define a class for the link that wraps the image.

Classes from content width:

There are new image classes added based on the theme-defined $content_width vs. the image width. Those classes are .cw-equal, .cw-lesser, and .cw-greater.

Minimum width and height:

Sometimes, you need to show an image only if it meets a specific width and/or height in pixels. You can define the min_width or min_height arguments to handle this. If the image doesn’t meet the minimum, it’s not shown.

Define image attributes:

The new img_attr argument allows theme authors to define the attributes for the <img> tag output. It takes an array of attributes and their values.

Download version 1.1.0

You can update from your WordPress admin. If you’re not a current user, search for get-the-image from the New Plugin screen.

You can also grab a copy from its page or GitHub repository.

If you like this plugin, please consider joining the club or grabbing me a little something from my Amazon wish list. 🙂


  1. Hi Justin,

    I’ve been the fan of your plugins for years. This tiny plugin was very helpful in many situation. At the moment, I rarely use it, cause the default post thumbnail in WordPress is good enough. However, still love the plugin very much and thank you for creating it.

    1. I too use the post thumbnail usually now. Most of the features of this plugin are now centered around doing things with the post thumbnail. For example, the new minimum width and height arguments work great. I needed that feature in my last theme to compliment the post thumbnail.

      Maybe you can find some more usage for it too. 🙂 I’m glad you still like it.

  2. I too used this plugin extensively at the time. Sadly, I haven’t find a use case for it in recent years.

    Thanks Justin for all your hard work and contribution to WordPress over the years. Learned a ton from you.

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