1. Anh Tran

    Hi Justin,

    I’ve been the fan of your plugins for years. This tiny plugin was very helpful in many situation. At the moment, I rarely use it, cause the default post thumbnail in WordPress is good enough. However, still love the plugin very much and thank you for creating it.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I too use the post thumbnail usually now. Most of the features of this plugin are now centered around doing things with the post thumbnail. For example, the new minimum width and height arguments work great. I needed that feature in my last theme to compliment the post thumbnail.

      Maybe you can find some more usage for it too. 🙂 I’m glad you still like it.

  2. Collins Agbonghama

    I too used this plugin extensively at the time. Sadly, I haven’t find a use case for it in recent years.

    Thanks Justin for all your hard work and contribution to WordPress over the years. Learned a ton from you.

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