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Back in 2014, Tung Do passed along another great design for a WordPress theme.

Yeah, two years is a long time. There were issues and roadblocks along the way, but I’m happy to finally get this release out to you all. I probably ruined much of the original design, but I just took the concept and ran with it in the last few months.

So, let me introduce you to the Extant WordPress theme.

Extant features

I built Extant with the specific goal of having a theme that would work well for artists, photographers, and other creative people to show off, and even sell, their work.

Plugin Integration: The theme integrates with Custom Content Portfolio and Easy Digital Downloads, both of which are perfect plugins for digital work.

Layout: The theme comes with a few layout options. Two of those options are for displaying your featured images in either a 2-column, landscape grid or a 3-column, portrait grid. Both of those will cater to different types of users.

Menus: I wanted to try something new with menus this time. I started with the idea of a 3-4 buttons fixed to the bottom of the screen. This makes for easier clicking on smaller devices. There’s a home button, 2 configurable menus, and a search button. Each icon is configurable from the customizer.

Sticky Posts: Extant makes good use of sticky posts by making them stand out above all the other posts in the grid below.

Nested Comments: I abhor nested comments that just keep getting indented. I wanted to try something new and add a “In reply to” link after the second level. I think it works better on mobile devices.

Per-language Fonts: There’s a cool feature where different Google Fonts are enabled based on the site’s language. Out of the box, I added support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I’ll happily add in other fonts as requested. It’s filterable, so it can be done via child theme too.

Embed Templates: This is my second theme exploring custom embed templates. Embed templates make sure your content looks good when someone else embeds one of your posts on their own blog.

Overall, I put a lot of time into the smaller details. There were some really cool things that I didn’t get to do. I just couldn’t find a way to make them work in a public-release theme where I have no control of the content. There’s definitely a lot to offer from a development standpoint if you want to peak under the hood.

Grab a copy of the Extant theme

You can grab a copy of the theme from the Extant theme page or from its GitHub page (recursive clone).

I hope you enjoy this release.


  1. Thank you very much Justin. Super excited to try this new theme on tibesar.com !!!

  2. Tung

    at least you didn’t take 3 years hahahahha

    1. I’m always on the “it’ll get done when it gets done” schedule. 🙂

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