1. Marcus Tibesar

    I think you’ve come to the conclusion (earlier than most) that themes should compliment Gutenberg. In the next week or two, I’ll be rejoining Theme Hybrid’s members and converting Tibesar.com from Genesis/Outreach to Exhale. This archive use to run on StarGazer, but now that you’ve developed Exhale with Gutenberg, I’m all in! I’ve been using Gutenberg way before it launched and never looked back. It’s a pleasure watching you grow HC and theme development in parallel with Gutenberg Justin. Thank you.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I’ve always looked at Gutenberg as the future. It still has some pain points, but it’s actually pretty nice to work with. It just took me a while to develop a system for building for Gutenberg (and I had a lot of help). Now, it’s all about building on top of what we have in Exhale 1.x and keeping up with all the new Gutenberg stuff.

      Looking forward to seeing you back around.

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