1. […] the past week, I’ve pushed out two new plugins (Registration Honeypot and Entry Views) and a theme (Twiggy) on Theme Hybrid. Go check ‘em […]

  2. ovidiu

    Funny enough, today I decided to resurrect my age old blog where I was using the original script. Googled and found it on github I think, updated, then found the new plugin.

    Can I simply delete the original script and activate the plugin to seamlessly switch or is there anything else needed?

    I think initially we needed to reference the script somewhere… need to refresh my memory and find the old installation instructions to properly deactivate it.

    • Justin Tadlock

      It was rewritten, so you can’t seamlessly switch. Depending on how you were using it, there could be a few code changes but not many. Just post any parts you need help with on the forums.

  3. Stefan Johansson

    Thanks for another great plugin!

    Suggestion for a future feature… it would be great to have the option to set a limit for time, enabling a list of “most read” during the latest xx days.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I was actually thinking of doing a separate plugin/widget for this. Initially, the plugin could output a “most popular” by comment count in last X number of days. But, if coupled with Entry Views, you’d have more options like outputting the most viewed, most commented, or some sort of algorithm to find most popular by view count + comment count.

    • David Chandra

      if what you want is most views in x day/week/month/year/time frame, i don’t think it’s possible in using this plugin. because this plugin do not track/record when the view (count) is added.
      (i don’t think there’s any plugin in wp can do this)

      however it’s possible to create list of most viewed of posts published in x time frame.

      most viewed posts published this week (possible)
      most viewed posts this week (not possibe)

  4. Brad Dalton

    Good idea with the plugin.

    I like the template tag for your plugin which you can use to create a shortcode, hook in using a custom function or add directly to template files.

  5. Anh Tran

    This is great news. I’ve been using your script for a long time, but I agree to put it as a separated plugin. It will help developing features for themes/websites much easier when I don’t have to care about code for integrating the script and theme.

    Look forward to your new plugins, always interesting!

  6. Tharshan Venkadesan

    Simple but nice plugin 🙂 I was actually using the older version and updated to this one today. Works fine!

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