Custom Content Portfolio: Version 2.1.0

Custom Content Portfolio plugin banner

I had planned to take the afternoon off and relax. After releasing 4 plugins in 4 days this week, I thought it’d be good to stop and pick up again next week. But, when you’ve got a streak going, sometimes you just want to see how far you can take it. Thus, I present to you yet another plugin update.

Version 2.1.0 of Custom Content Portfolio is a mix of a few code changes and additions, particularly to improve its integration with my Members plugin.

What’s new?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the changes in this version.

Human-readable capabilities:

If you use the Members plugin for managing roles and capabilities, you should have a nice surprise in this release. All of the capabilities now have human-readable and translatable labels. So, instead of seeing edit_portfolio_projects, you should see Edit Projects.

This new feature requires that you have the “Show human capabilities” option enabled in Members. I think it’s a nice touch and plan to continue doing the same with other plugins.

Projects in nav menus:

Single portfolio projects can now be added to nav menus. This one was requested a number of times, so it should come in handy.

Taxonomy capabilities:

WordPress 4.7 added new fine-grain capability possibilities for taxonomies (meta caps), so this version of the plugin is taking a bit more advantage of taxonomy-related capabilities. Here’s a look at the new capabilities (replace * with categories or tags):

  • assign_portfolio_* – Permission to assign categories/tags to projects.
  • edit_portfolio_* – Permission to edit categories/tags.
  • delete_portfolio_* – Permission to delete categories/tags.

If you’re having trouble with category/tag permissions, you can deactivate and reactivate the plugin. The new capabilities will be auto-assigned to the Administrator role. Otherwise, use a plugin such as Members (linked above) to manage capabilities.

Fixes and minor changes:

The rest of the changes in the plugin update primarily deal with changing some text strings and fixing trivial issues. Nothing big. Just a few nice-to-have changes.

Grab a copy

You should see an update in the near future in your WordPress admin if you’re currently using the plugin. If not, you can search for custom-content-portfolio via the Add New Plugin screen in your admin to download and install the plugin.

Feel free to get a copy directly from its page or GitHub repository if that’s your thing.

If you like this plugin, please consider joining the club. Or, if you’re just in a generous mood, help feed my movie/TV addiction via my Amazon wish list. 🙂