1. CECat

    I love this idea! As one of those folks who intends to keep up daily, but whose life usually thwarts my good intentions, this would be an ENORMOUS help. I find that once I’ve been off-track for a bit, it’s a bit daunting to return and catch up.

    Super update – thanks, Justin!


  2. scottopolis

    I like it

  3. designOdyssey

    As you know, lately, I do check every day or almost. What I think might help others are topics that are in the forums, don’t show up well on searches or are made newly relevant because of the change to 2.9 or 0.7.

    For instance, learning how to think of 0.7 as a framework with the lib folder is really helpful. Learning how to balance changes to functions.php with coding themes directly is helpful.

    You might want to add some links to posts off of this site if you’ve found them relevant to something that your users are dealing with.

    Lastly, even before you fully integrate plugins on this site, it might be good to roundup any new information there or even provide some showcases of both sites and plugins in the roundup.

    This is a great idea. I find myself searching the ideas, general and hybrid forums for interesting new info, but it’d be much better to have a roundup of new developments.

    Sorry for the ramble.

  4. quasel

    thumbs up – keep on your good work !!!

  5. glenpridgen

    I wold love to see a good solid “code snippets” section highlighting the must know code examples as well as basic and advanced solutions.

  6. guar

    The more I get to know the Hybrid Framework the more I appreciate it. It really is the ideal launch pad for designing a flexible website.

    As a simple example, a customer wanted to change the background colour periodically. Thanks to the body classes set-up by default, I told him I could change the colour by the hour, day, month, year or category.


  7. Feq Hiro


    I’ll be using this on new projects, but what’s the recommendation for existing sites using older versions of Hybrid? Is upgrading likely to break anything?

  8. uptownlunch


    Would offering video increase interest in Hybrid? I’m more of a visual learner, how many out their feel the same way I do.

    Buddy Press, is certainly worth considering.

    George Cardona

  9. garmahis

    Great ideas!

    I have one remark though. The core functions like RSS should be enabled by default. It was unpleasant surprise when I discovered that feeds disappeared after upgrade to 0.7 version. And I should look for solution how to enable them manually.

    If you make some drastic changes it can be a also good idea to include notes in readme file.

  10. miotaczegazowe

    I don’t agree RSS should be dissabled by default. You can simply turn it on tho…

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