1. thanks for making it more clear Justin !! 🙂

  2. tmforce

    Thanks for clearing things up Justin. I thought that new versions of WP would likely bust the theme and you weren’t going to do the fixes. Sounds like that was a misunderstanding on my part. I guess I’ll stay with it if I can get it to work with IE. Are the drop down menus supposed to work with that browser? If so, I’ll pay the membership to find out how in the forums. If not, there’s way too many people out there using that browser still for me to use it for my web site.

  3. dinu — No problem.

    tmforce — Any theme that has drop-down menus here will work on Internet Explorer 7. However, they won’t on IE6 because I refuse to resort to hacks for something as trivial as that. Few people actually use IE6 anymore. Plus, IE8 is on the horizon.

  4. Wow, glad I found this, as I was pretty worried when I read that Structure was being discontinued. As someone who is currently using v1.1.5 on a WordPress 2.7 installation, though, I can easily accept that updating to v1.3.1 will likely keep me set up far into the future.

  5. Realy nice. If Yours themes Options will work until WordPress 3.x i will be very happy. Its realy good theme, one of the best from Magazines-style.
    I would be exquisitely happy, if you created something much better, more developed than Options, with elements of the Java. I would be ready even for the version only for paid users: -)

  6. thinkjayant

    If I want to make a child theme of options freely available, How do I do that?

    I was thinking of giving the child theme for download and provide a link to themehybrid to download the latest Options theme. How can I do that post 30th Jan. I have 2 free themes ready for download, based on Options.


  7. rcadden — I do recommend updating to the latest version of the theme because version 1.1.5 is no longer supported here. WordPress 2.7 has brought the most theme-specific changes of any WordPress update I’ve seen, so it’s unlikely we’ll see a lot more in the near future.

    Midv — I don’t know if it’ll still work when WP 3.x comes out, but I hope it does.

    I do have a theme that’s much better than Options. It’s called Hybrid, and it’s free, just like the other themes around here.

    thinkjayant — You can post your child themes on your site as well as the community forums.

    Once Jan. 31 comes around, they would only be useful for people that already have the Options theme. New users won’t be able to use them because they won’t be able to download Options.

  8. thinkjayant

    I will surely post them on the forums. I guess the only way out to use options for few more time is to get the developer license. At least with a developer’s liscense, I can use the options theme on my client’s work.

    By the way, I am using hybrid on some of my client’s site and i am loving it. Just that i still keep getting many requests for Options modification. Even after I try to convince them for Hybrid.

    I need to find time out and shift all my sites to Hybrid from Options. 😉


  9. thinkjayant — People around here will still be using Options for quite a while, so you could use those child themes to try and attract new client work.

    You can do anything with Hybrid that you could do with Options, so you could easily switch your client base over.

  10. thinkjayant

    Yeah. I know. Hybrid is not much different from Options (i guess its your code that feels similar, even though they are structurally way different). Rather its much flexible and gives better control to design. I feel much comfortable to design with it.

    Lets see, I will wrap up semi finish Options themes and then decide what to do with them. Surely will give some for free to the forum members.

    Thanks Justin.


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