Clean My Archives: Version 1.2.0

Clean My Archives WordPress plugin banner

How could I let the streak die?

After 5 days straight of plugin updates, I felt like I’d hit a personal milestone. Pushing 5 plugin updates within a week would’ve seemed like a daunting task if you’d asked me about it a few short days ago. But, here I am, hitting publish on a 6th plugin update.

Am I crazy?

Maybe so. But, I’m having fun with it.

Today, I’m releasing version 1.2.0 of my Clean My Archives plugin. It’s one of my simpler plugins. However, it’s also one of my favorites.

Basically, Clean My Archives creates an entire archive page for your posts (or any post type) with a simple shortcode. It’s faster than similar plugins and plays nicely with caching solutions. This is particularly important if you have 1,000s of posts or more.

If you want to take a look at it in action, feel free to hop over to the archives page on my personal blog.

Changes in this version

Better handling of the comment count:

The comment count next to post titles will now only show if the post itself either has comments enabled or if there are existing comments on the post.

There’s also a new shortcode parameter named show_comment_count, which can be set to 0 or false to disable the comment count altogether. This was an oft-requested feature.

Date formatting:

I added two new shortcode parameters for changing the date formats. Any valid PHP date format will work.

  • format_month_year – Change the month + year format.
  • format_post_date – Change the post date format.

Monthly archive link for custom post types:

When displaying an archive for a specific custom post type, the monthly archive link will point to an archive page only for that post type.

Posts without titles:

If a post doesn’t have a title, instead of showing nothing, the post ID is now shown in its place.

Download the latest plugin update

You should see an update in the near future in your WordPress admin if you’re currently using the plugin. If not, you can search for clean-my-archives via the Add New Plugin screen in your admin to download and install the plugin.

You can also get a copy directly from its page or GitHub repository if you prefer.

If you like this plugin, please consider joining the club. Or, if you’re just in a generous mood, help feed my movie/TV addiction via my Amazon wish list. 🙂