1. Leho Kraav @lkraav

    Would be nice to know which “other frameworks” you reviewed before rolling your own. You’re right, there’s a lot going on in this area all around, this information would help make a quicker “choose the right tool for the job” decision.

    • Justin Tadlock

      This project didn’t start as an alternative meta box solution. It started as a quick and easy solution for my Custom Content Portfolio plugin. I wasn’t even considering any type of framework at that point. Then, I ended up using it in the Theme Designer and Plugin Developer plugins.

      At some point during the development of the third plugin, I was thinking that maybe it should be split off into its own framework. I wasn’t really thinking in terms of the larger community yet. I just needed something that I wanted to use.

      Once I got to the point of actually developing this as a separate project, I started wondering if it was worth the time and effort with all the existing solutions in this space. I took some slightly more in-depth looks at what some were doing. Nothing felt right to me. So, I went ahead with the project.

      I’m sure there are projects that I’m unfamiliar with. I’m primarily familiar with ACF and CMB2. The biggest turn-off for both of those (which may be an advantage to some) is that they’re much more than just a post meta framework. They handle fields for other things too. And, they’re both much more than just an interface framework.

      ButterBean is ultimately just a framework to build a post meta interface. That won’t be enough for some people in some projects. But, I think it’s best used when bundling with plugins that register CPTs. That’s why I built ButterBean. I’m sure there are plenty of other applicable use cases such as client projects with lots of meta, but I wanted a narrow set of goals to achieve. I set out to build something that would handle a very specific problem.

  2. marty

    Congrats on the 1.0!
    I’ve had fun trying different things with ButterBean. It’s just what I needed to corral my metaboxes.

  3. David

    this is amazing!
    I think butter bean is better than other framework such as cmb, rilwis mb, etc
    (if the use case is suitable for tabs)

    if you love customizer api, you are going to love this.

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