Breadcrumb Trail: Version 1.1.0

Breadcrumb Trail plugin banner

Two plugin updates in two days? Yes, I’m on a roll.

Today, I’m bringing you the latest version of Breadcrumb Trail. I want to say that it makes all other breadcrumb menus look sad in comparison, but I’m a bit biased.

Along with a few bug fixes, the latest version has some features that I think you’ll enjoy, particularly if you do anything more complex than running the standard blog posts + pages with WordPress.

The good stuff

Maps rewrite tags for custom post types:

One of the toughest things to do is map unknown rewrite tags used in custom post types. Most post types will have a rewrite slug of hardcoded strings, which are easy to handle. But, some post types might use something like %genre% to represent the genre taxonomy of a book post type.

This version of Breadcrumb Trail will automatically pick up custom taxonomies if they’re a part of the slug for the post type. Given the book example, a breadcrumb might look something like:

Home > Books > Gothic Fiction > Salem's Lot

In previous versions, this required theme or plugin developers to tell Breadcrumb Trail to use a specific taxonomy. Now, it’s automatic if in the slug.

Post type archives by author:

Another scenario related to post types is when you have post type author archives. Not all post types have author archives. However, some plugin authors and I do add this feature. The new version will handle this perfectly.

Paged comments support:

When viewing paginated comments, a new Comment Page %s breadcrumb item will appear and the post title will be linked back to the original single post. There’s also a new paged_comments label to change that text.

New markup options:

The plugin has long allowed you to change the outter container tag. However, it hasn’t had options for changing the other HTML tags used. So, we’ve got some new parameters:

  • browse_tag – The tag used for the “Browse” text. Defaults to h2.
  • list_tag – The tag used to wrap the list of items. Defaults to ul.
  • item_tag – The tag that wraps individual breadcrumb items. Defaults to li.

Download version 1.1.0

You can install the plugin directly from your Plugins screen in your WordPress admin. Just run a search for breadcrumb-trail. If you already have the plugin installed, you should get an update notice soon.

You can also get a copy directly from its page on or from its GitHub repository.

Hybrid Core developers: This version of the script is already included in the latest version of the framework.

If you like this plugin, please consider joining the club or grabbing me a little something from my Amazon wish list. 🙂