Bliss WordPress Theme

Bliss WordPress Theme

I actually released the Bliss theme on the day of the site launch. It hasn’t received a lot of publicity though.

It’s a blogger’s theme; how could it compete with the likes of the magazine-type themes around here?

I think it’s time to let the world take a good look at it. Check out the theme demo.

Bliss features

You won’t see anything fancy here. It’s purely a blogger’s theme. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The focus is on your content. I put a lot of work into making sure the typography was readable. I’m fairly certain there’s a style for just about any element you can think of.

The default style adds a three-column widget area in the footer. With appropriate CSS work, you could move it anywhere (well, almost anywhere).

It’s definitely ready for our child theme concept. Actually, I have a child theme brewing for it right now that’ll show you a bit of what we can do when we get our creative juices flowing.

What’s with the theme name?

I named this theme Bliss because that’s what it was for me — getting back to the roots of design, designing for the sake of designing. Not being a code monkey for a bit. I was happy to just be working on the design side of things a little more than writing so much PHP.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you though. You won’t find a lot of other plain ol’ blogger’s themes with what this theme has under the hood.

Give it a test spin and download it if you just want to blog.


  1. Looks great. The benefits of such theme include:

    1. Easily accessible.
    2. Fast to load (Less graphics, less JS and light CSS).
    3. Traditionalist’s No. 1 favorite (White background and dark text).
    4. Nice typography.

    I like it, really…

  2. My favorite parts about putting it together were the challenge of positioning elements and just being able to work on typography.

    Better typography is something I’d like to start bringing to all my themes.

    And, the stylesheet is coming in at just under 9kb.

  3. Pilot

    Clean layout.

  4. Pilot
    Thanks. I was definitely shooting for something very clean.

  5. Nice! I love it!

  6. Can you make a list somewhere of what the name of each widget means? I’ve searched the Codex and found nothing.

    Thank you.

  7. Nice Theme, ultra-light is nice from time to time.

  8. Even though it will not be here tomorrow, the effect of it will.

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