Beta testing version 0.2 of the Hybrid Tabs widget

After months of testing and user-contributed feedback, I’ve finally decided how to handle the Hybrid Tabs widget. There are some changes that should make it easy for developers to create custom tabs without having to worry about action and filter hooks just to put a simple message in a tab.

For those of you that haven’t been using it, Hybrid Tabs is a plugin/widget that’s been in beta testing for way too long. In fact, I’m skipping the official 0.1 release altogether and gearing up for the 0.2 release.

This new version is only compatible with WordPress 2.8+ and is not ready for live use yet.

What’s new?

Most of the same, basic tabs are still intact. Of course, I added a few more. The widget settings are exactly the same, so there shouldn’t be any confusion.

The biggest addition to this version is a new function called register_hybrid_tab() that will allow you to easily create new custom tabs. Okay, maybe not extremely easy, but it’s much easier than the first beta release. (See the readme.html included with download for instructions on how to create custom tabs.)

I’ve also added support for several plugins, but they are completely untested, which is where I hope you all will step in. This is the biggest area that needs testing, so if you’re running the latest build of WordPress and want to help out, feel free to test this widget along with these plugins.

If you want support for any other plugins added, please let me know. I’ll try to add it in if it’s possible.

Get involved and get the plugin

If you want to beta test this new version, grab a copy and let me know what breaks. I’ll also open a bug-squashing thread in the community forums if you want to join in there.

Remember, this should only be used with WordPress 2.8+ (currently trunk) and with the Hybrid WordPress theme (of course). All instructions on how to use the widget are in the readme.html file.

This plugin has now been officially released and is out of beta.


  1. EvilEsq

    Delighted to try to help. I downloaded and installed the plugin. Wondering which style sheet I should use?

    1. Just use the stylesheet packaged with your child theme.

  2. I love hybrid because it’s always progress and pregress. Thanks for the new plugin. It’s great

    1. There’s a new plugin coming out along with this one as well. It’ll be pretty cool.

  3. Downloaded. Will give a test run with my 2.8 demo site.

    1. Thanks. Let me know if you run into any problems.

  4. Just realize that is build on hybrid theme. Wow! I like how Popcritics is made on WP and bbPress. Will it be available, maybe later, to download/buy Popcritics theme?

    1. Yeah, Pop Critics is built completely on top of Hybrid. While I don’t know if I’ll release the themes themselves, I can tell you that I’m working on an experimental bbPress framework. It’ll be something like Hybrid that will allow you to build bbPress themes more quickly.

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