1. EvilEsq

    Delighted to try to help. I downloaded and installed the plugin. Wondering which style sheet I should use?

  2. I love hybrid because it’s always progress and pregress. Thanks for the new plugin. It’s great

    1. There’s a new plugin coming out along with this one as well. It’ll be pretty cool.

  3. Just realize that popcritics.com is build on hybrid theme. Wow! I like how Popcritics is made on WP and bbPress. Will it be available, maybe later, to download/buy Popcritics theme?

    1. Yeah, Pop Critics is built completely on top of Hybrid. While I don’t know if I’ll release the themes themselves, I can tell you that I’m working on an experimental bbPress framework. It’ll be something like Hybrid that will allow you to build bbPress themes more quickly.

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