Become a developer or designer for the Hybrid theme

One of the goals I have with the Hybrid theme is to make it a great tool for both designers and developers to extend. I want these people to have opportunities to make some extra cash while doing it. I’d also like for users to have a place to easily find people that can do custom work for them.

First, I wanted to get Hybrid to a point where it would be robust enough as a development tool. I wanted it lightweight enough to be easy to style without major complications. I believe the recent release of version 0.6 puts us at that point.

Opening a services page

Since Theme Hybrid first came online, I’ve had a job board for developers, designers, and users to post on. While this has served as a great meeting spot for many that need someone to custom design their child themes, I don’t feel like it really opens up enough opportunities for our developers and designers.

What I’d like to do is put up a list of trusted people that are willing to offer their services. The idea would be to have a dedicated page with contact information and links to portfolios for people that want to create child themes, plugins, and other custom work for the Theme Hybrid community.

I’m still ironing out the ideas for this, but I figured it was time to open up the floor.

I’d like for designers and developers to be able to expand their portfolio of work and have ties within the community. I get tons of requests for custom jobs with Hybrid. It’d be great to be able to send those people to a page on this site and tell them to pick someone rather than just telling them I don’t have the time.

What I’m looking for

The main thing I’m looking for is trust. I think most members of the community here have a certain level of trust in the advice I offer. If I’m endorsing you as someone to contact for custom work, I want to know that members of the community here will be treated with respect and that you’ll be helpful.

I have no strict rules in the type of people I’m looking for, but the ideal candidates are:

  • People that have designed a custom child theme on top of Hybrid.
  • Familiarity with the WordPress and Hybrid action and filter hook system.
  • People that participate in the support and community forums.
  • Those that know have an intimate knowledge of CSS.
  • Developers that have written custom functions and/or plugins for Hybrid.

These are just some things I have in mind. Nothing is set in stone. Even if you don’t meet those requirements, I’d like to hear from you.

Do you want to be a custom developer/designer at Theme Hybrid?

I hope to put up the initial page on this site within a week. But, the door will always be open if you want to get on the list later.

If you’re interested in this, feel free to contact me. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or even offer additional ideas.


  1. Hi Justin, this seems to be a great idea, I’m a great fan of the Hybrid Framework and I’m pushing it to be the backbone of Crea Labs’ WordPress related projects. We have developers and designers with previous WordPress experience, but I think that Hybrid will give us an edge and facilitate our life.

    Please keep us in mind and keep the great work.

  2. Njualem

    Hi Justin;

    This is a great idea, I started with Hybrid Themes some months ago as a novice but so far I have developed and I am still developing my skills. I have a series of WP projects that I am dedicated in using the Theme Hybrid Framework as the base. I hope to one day become an active designer/developer in the Theme Hybrid community as my skills grow.

    Keep up the great work, you will soon be having backups.

  3. Good idea. I am up for it. In the past and till now i have been successfully converted my clients to use hybrid theme. Personally i believe it is the best theme and i have seen too many of them. Any project starting with hybrid as base gets half the work done easily. It is in itself a true framework, not just a namesake.

    *I posted a comment earlier but somehow it is not reflected.. dunno what happened. Anyways, me coming with few child theme very soon.

    Keep up the good work. Yet the community following for Hybrid grow.


  4. We’re planning to build some theme under this framework and thank you for providing such theme. We are still in the design phase and finalizing everything. We’ll just let you know where were done, Justin.

  5. shoot. i’d gladly hand out custom redesigns for free to hybrid users. with two conditions:

    1. someone other me has to code it to work with hybrid
    2. a generic version of the finished redesign will be available for public use

    #2 will help you add to your collection of hybrid child themes

    also, i cranked out another design on this new design is much closer to hybrid’s structure. check it out dude

  6. pavy

    I’m continually thankful for Hybrid. I’ve been using it since December to develop child themes (now at 5 themes total) and honestly, I’m not sure I’d be where I am with WordPress theme design and development without Theme Hybrid and the support community there.

    I think having a separation between theme designers/developers and plugin designers/developers would be a good thing. I (now) have experience with theme development, but no experience with plugin development. Other than that, sounds like an awesome idea…and one I’d love to be a part of.

  7. andreas

    I’m diving into Hybrid, in order to get a more solid base for theme design projects than I could ever write myself. I’m not looking for custom jobs (I have more projects in queue than I can handle already), but I would be happy to hook into the community and share any and all child themes that I build. Give me some time to get familiar with the theme, and I will most likely find some way to contribute. 🙂

  8. blynnerobson

    I would love to be included in your services section…just let me know aht you need from me…


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