1. Erik Joling

    Thanks for sharing. Coincidentally I’ve also used these classes in a recent project. I tried to make a responsive .alignwide class without using breakpoints but I couldn’t find a reasonable solution for this.

    By the way, is there a reason for your change in classnames? .entry__content used to be .entry-content right?

  2. Steffen Bang Nielsen

    Thanks for sharing

    Here’s a similar approach – just in SASS for anyone who prefers that.

  3. Ahmad Awais

    Thanks for the post, Justin. A few years ago I created this Codepen using CSS3 transform that could also help.

    CSS Only Full-width Image Where Parent Div is not Full-Width → https://codepen.io/ahmadawais/pen/avBwBz

  4. […] more examples will come out of the woodwork as more themes add styles for Gutenberg. For example, Justin Tadlock has shared his method using different calc values, and Joen Asmussen has blogged about his approach of applying max-widths to all child elements […]

  5. […] « Align wide and full classes » via Theme Hybrid [en] @themehybrid […]

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