Adroa WordPress Theme

I love being able to announce new community-contributed WordPress themes. We have such talented designers and developers in our community, that it’d be a shame not to help get them some exposure.

With that said, I’m happy to announce the release of the Adroa theme by Thiago Senna. This is Thiago’s second theme for the community and the 7th theme released here by a Theme Hybrid member.


Screenshot of the Adroa WordPress theme

Adroa is a beautifully-designed blog and portfolio theme. Thiago designed it for photographers and photobloggers to show off their work. It supports most of the standard Hybrid Core features just like many other themes here.

It supports a new Hybrid Core feature called “Featured Image Header” that allows you to have per-post header images. This is something we’re currently testing out, so it’s nice to see it in real-world use while I finalize the details for this upcoming feature that will be available to all theme authors building off Hybrid Core.

The theme officially supports my newest plugin, Grid Columns, which allows you to create columnized content via a shortcode. It’s also the first theme to have built-in styles and templates for my portfolio plugin, which is something I’m hoping will make it easier for theme authors to build awesome portfolio themes.

Adroa has some awesome features and is bringing plenty of new stuff to users of this community. I applaud Thiago for taking on these new features and giving them a good first run before anyone else (even me).

Everyone, please give a big congratulations to Thiago and thank him for making this theme available.


  1. Nice job Thiago, I love clean themes like this. Thumbs up!

  2. Hi,

    thanks very much Sin, Justin and ThemeHybrid community. It is always very pleasurable contribute to this community!

  3. Loving this theme thanks Thiago – how do I use the Portfolio plugin though? cant seem to work it out

  4. sorry I tend to be a bit dyslexic – its right there in there in dashboard 😉

  5. Hi bazonline,

    very good to know that you liked and could find how to use the Portfolio Plugin 🙂

    Thiago Senna

  6. Clean and Elegant theme. I like the design and keep up the good work.

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