1. Ryan Hellyer

    I think this is a good move. The bbPress idea is great, but I don’t see it moving as quickly or in the direction I’d like it to. A lean mean bare bones plugin would be nice. I usually require very little functionality forum wise, and am happy to custom code any extra bits that I may require, so this sounds like the software for me.

    I’m not sure I can spare much time for this project, as I don’t do a lot of work with forums these days though. However, I do have some old archived forums which I’d consider migrating over to your plugin if there is a clean upgrade path and it doesn’t look like it’d be too scary to migrate back if I had to.

  2. Matt

    Lightweight is right. Looks interesting.

    I’m a little embarrassed to ask but could you provide two or three sentences about getting set up?

  3. Donna

    I hope at some point, there will be a demo forum (beyond the Theme Hybrid one, since non-members can’t see replies there). We need choices in this area, and there just aren’t enough, so thank you for giving us another choice. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I’ve actually already purchased a new domain name for this project. I just haven’t had the time to set up everything with that yet. I think it would be good for this project to have a separate home from Theme Hybrid. The big reason would be the one you just stated — Theme Hybrid forum replies are hidden to non-members.

  4. abubakar

    this is a nice concept, keep us updated about it

  5. Kirsten

    I’m really looking forward to this as I share your frustrations with bbPress. I am looking for a forum plugin for a side-project and its fine if its a work in progress. I’ll give it a go and report any bugs I run across.

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