$15 theme club discount

Update: This offer has ended. Thank you to everyone that signed up.

Yes, you read that right!

For the next 100 users that sign up for the theme club, I’m only charging 10 Dollars for the exclusive membership!

What is the theme club?

The Theme Club is simply a community of users growing around the use of themes here at Theme Hybrid. We have support forums, an ideas forum, and a showcase blog that shows off some of our talented users.

Anyone can join for free. Free memberships include support and the base themes.

Exclusive members get additional themes and features to work with each month. The yearly fee will bring you lots of neat features that are constantly being updated as WordPress is updated.

How to sign up

If you’re not currently a registered user here at Theme Hybrid, simply go to the theme club page and choose the $10 membership.

From there, you’ll be taken step-by-step through the sign-up process.

Currently registered members

If you already have a basic membership at Theme Hybrid, follow these steps to take advantage of
this offer:

  1. Go to your membership page.
  2. Look under “Subscription Information.”
  3. In the box labeled “Account Type,” click on the “Upgrade / Downgrade your account” link.
  4. From there, you’ll be directed through the steps of signing up.

Looking forward to some new exclusive members!

We have a vibrant community growing here at Theme Hybrid. I just figured it was time to extend the exclusive membership to a few more people and grow the community even more.

Of course, you don’t have to pay anything to be a part of the community here. The exclusive membership just gives you more cool WordPress stuff to play with.

More about the theme club

Follow these links to get more information about the theme club:


  1. Fantastic offer, hope it gets filled up pretty fast.
    The current themes available to theme club members are well worth the original cost of $25 if not at least 10 times more…

  2. I’m trying to access: http://themehybrid.com/blog/wp-admin/users.php?page=ym-profile because I’m already a basic registered user (and logged in), but I get the message: You are not allowed to do this here

  3. davek
    Thanks. It seems to be filling up fairly quickly. I think this offer will help the community grow a bit.

    Thanks for the tip. I had checked yesterday with the link, but it seems that the link is different when I’m logged in as the administrator. It should be fixed now.

    Also, thanks for joining!

  4. It’s my pleasure, love your themes…

  5. monkeymartin

    Why a $10.00 discount. Your theme club is worth $100.00 or more. Love the themes your site and the service. Do you have an option to donate. I can’t donate right now but in the future I would like to donate.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. monkeymartin
    Thanks for the kind words.

    I do have a contribute page that I took off the main navigation. There are more ways to donate than with your wallet though.

  7. I’m in 🙂

  8. rivermaya
    I’m glad to have you on board. I hope you enjoy everything.

  9. Bonnie

    Justin, I just found your themes.

    I really appreciate your commitment to high standards in site design, like your efforts to “future-proof” themes, hooks, etc. I agree with the other posters, that this is an incredible deal and you are worth more.

    But on your behalf, I’m not sure about the yearly club dues, because if you’re not currently working on one of Justin’s themes, you might not feel the need to renew.

    Maybe licenses for unlimited support are the way to go for dedicated, idealistic designers like you?

    A tangent: This whole open source business model has me scratching my head… how can it work? All the premium/freemium theme hullabaloo is fascinating to read about, but I can’t figure out how it will support designers like Justin Tadlock.

    I mean, I will always support idealism, so maybe there are others out there like me who will, too, but will it pay Justin’s rent? Send him on cruises? Pay for the kidlet’s soccer team dues?

    Back to the topic at hand:

    I am interested in any developer’s licenses you might come up with, because I do sites for friends, family and non-profits, but am starting to branch into sites for paying customers, and I think you should get paid if I get paid!

    Also: I’d like to see elastic layouts in future designs (em-based, not px-based).

    And thank you for providing the forums and documentation. I tend to muddle along by trial-and-error. Your documentation is very helpful and eliminates lots of muddling.

  10. Bonnie
    Thank you for the kind words.

    There’s ways of making money with open source AND opening your source code up for free download. I’m currently working on some different business models that’ll allow people to get even more without sacrificing the integrity of the open source ideals behind WordPress. It just takes a little outside-the-box type thinking. Everyone will get to see some new stuff with WordPress theming in the coming months.

    Also, I have an ideas forum if you’d like to add ideas about where the themes should go, such as em-based layouts. By the way, my upcoming Hybrid [parent] theme will allow much more flexibility with things like this.

  11. Jan

    Great theme and great work. I am just getting into wordpress themes for use in education. I am interested in becoming a member of your club and using the spartan template however when I go to the page you no longer have a special discount. Has is expired? I am also interested in how you made the forum page on the options template.

  12. Can you please share a little bit of this outside-the-box thinking with us. Perhaps by writing a small article on these business models. If you don’t have any plans of doing this then at lease provide some links for the same.

    You are doing a great work and you are a role model for me. Keep up the good work.


  13. Rocky

    Do you have any running special for Christmas like $10 deal?


    1. Yes, you can join the club fro $25/year right now. This will be going back up sometime in the new year.

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