12 new Hybrid theme page templates

Not long ago, I released a page templates pack for the Hybrid theme that added 18 page templates to the theme. Since it has received nearly 2,000 downloads in just over a month, I figured it’d be fun to create a few new templates.

I hope some of these templates prove useful for your projects.

This brings the total number of page templates in the download to 30. Add that number to the current 15 page templates already in the Hybrid theme, and you get 45 templates.

The new page templates

These 12 new templates were added:

  • Blog Backwards
  • Custom Query List
  • List Children
  • List Future Posts
  • List Most Commented Posts
  • List Posts
  • List Posts Alphabetically
  • List Private Posts
  • List Sticky Posts
  • List Trash Posts
  • Random Posts
  • Random Posts Excerpts

The original page templates

In case you missed the earlier post or don’t want to go back and read it, here’s a list of the first 18 templates in the package:

  • Archives By Category
  • Archives By Post Tag
  • Archives By Taxonomy
  • Blog Information
  • Category Cloud
  • Custom Query
  • Custom Query Excerpts
  • Link Category Cloud
  • List Authors
  • List Pages
  • Log In
  • No Asides
  • No Primary or Secondary
  • Profile
  • Quick Post
  • Redirect
  • Register
  • Thumbnail Archive

Download the page templates pack

I hope you all enjoy this release.


  1. dave

    fantastic Justin.
    What’s the chance or is there an easy way to add some of these especially the ‘List…’ to the Hybrid tabs plugin?

    1. I definitely have plans for some of these in the Hybrid Tabs plugin. Some of them just became available with WordPress 2.9, so that’s why I’ve been holding off. Expect an update to Hybrid Tabs in the next week with an addition of a few of the list-style features.

      1. Martinaxto In reply to Justin Tadlock

        Thanks Justin
        have you plans to add a text widget to hybrid tab?


      2. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        No, I probably won’t add anything like that. There are other plugins that allow that type of customization.

  2. This is really fantastic, but what is the reason that you don’t include them in hybrid? I know you want to keep hybrid lean, but having 50 templates build-in is a massive marketing factor I would say.

    1. As for marketing, I don’t really care about that. I won’t sacrifice the direction I want to take a theme in for a marketing angle.

      But, the reason why I don’t add these templates to the theme is for a few reasons:

      * Keep Hybrid as lean as possible.
      * Don’t overwhelm users with too many more options than what’s already there.
      * Some templates, if packaged with the theme, would require special CSS, which is something I wouldn’t want to style with every child theme.
      * I want to promote the framework angle rather than the all-in-one angle (à la Options).
      * It’s nice to have add-ons for the theme.

      If I did want to have a marketing route, that last point would be it. By not packaging everything into one download, the theme has more add-ons that users can try out. Plus, it allows other developers to see that we can do things like this — package up add-ons for the theme.

      1. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        Good thing about marketing is that you can twist it any way you want. I see your point.

        By the way it would be cool to have a spin-off of list most commented posts, where There’s a time-frame Like the last 30 days.

  3. JohnnyPea

    Why would you need them included when you can download them anytime you need and take only those which really fits you…and you can read about them almost in all articles or in theme reviews so actually they are massive marketing factor 🙂

    Thank You, Justin, for enhancing this pack , keep going 😉

  4. Justin , excuse me, i can’t speak english more. My comment use Indonesian.

    Saya dari Indonisia dan mulai belajar membuat blog dan saat ini saya menggunakan tempplate buatan justin ( Hybrid dan Hybridnews ) dengan sedikit modifikasi. Saya berterima kasih kepada Justin untuk ini semua. Dan rencananya saya mau bergabung kedalam club agar pengetahuan saya semakin bertambah.
    Mudah-mudahan dalam waktu dekat ini saya bisa bergabung dan saya juga berharap tidak menyulitkan Justin karena saya tidak bisa berbahasa Inggris dengan baik.
    Sekali lagi saya hanya bisa bilang “Thank you very much”.

  5. Hi Justin,
    I have only recently started using your Hybrid Framework and I have to say it is fantastic, the configuration is almost endless. I have purchased other ‘configurable’ themes in the past but your framework absolutely beat them in every way.
    I see many cookie cutter themes these days but I for one enjoy the satisfaction of creating one’s own unique themes; you have made the creative process so much simplier and the development cycle way way quicker.

    A million thanks to you!


  6. Billions thanks from Vietnam!

  7. Very nice collection Justin… Thanks a ton.

    regards TJ

  8. Fredrik Harken

    Is that (open) top sliding panel available to use as a footer as well?? Im looking for at footer that i can toggle…

  9. FrankPereiro

    This is great. However, I’m intending to use the “list children” page but I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function hybrid_after_singular() in /home/frankpereiro/planeta-beisbol.com/wp-content/themes/hybrid-news/page-list-children.php on line 43

    I’ve searched the forums but I couldn’t find the answer.

    1. These templates are meant to be used with the Hybrid theme.

      1. FrankPereiro In reply to Justin Tadlock

        I’m using the Hybrid theme.

        This is the URL where I’m testing the page template. http://francisco.pereiro.info/pruebas

      2. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        Stop by the support forums if you need help with the theme or the template pack.

  10. FrankPereiro

    I updated hybrid to the lates 0.7 version but now I have this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_theme_support() in /home/frankpereiro/francisco.pereiro.info/wp-content/themes/hybrid/library/extensions/get-the-image.php on line 22

    Anyway, when I come back I’ll try to fix it.

  11. joevs

    Hi Justin,

    Just tried using the list-children page template. Got the following error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function hybrid_after_singular() in C:\xampplite\htdocs\wpmu\wp-content\themes\leviathan\page-list-children.php on line 43

    Should the function be hybrid_after_single() ? Thought you should take a look at it.

  12. joevs

    OK. Just updated to Hybrid 0.7.1. Seems to have solved the problem. I guess I deserve the avatar you gave me.

  13. awesomeaudrey

    On this “list children” page, is there any way to sort the children alphabetically or by page order? They seem to sort to the order I added the page. I tried changing the page orders, but it didn’t work.

  14. Justin,

    Why do you refer to the theme as the child theme, excuse my ignorance, but I’m knew to all this.



  15. Kyle D

    List Children

    Just something that came up due to a need I had: It might be handy to give the <li> a class with the post ID (or some other unique class/id) for styling purposes.

  16. eddieb

    Is there a place we can demo these page templates? I can’t imagine what blog backwards is, for example.

    Thanks Justin.

  17. Michelle

    I really like the layout of the hybrid news. By becoming a member are there tutorials on how to set it up to look the way the demo does or are the tutorials generic?

  18. Hey Justin, I am relatively new to this, having come from web-editor html.

    I have tested… oh, about 50 themes, trying to find something realtively clean and extendable – and have been with yours for so long now, it looks like I could stay (don’t mind the clutter, I’m just zeroing in on what I want). But in all other themes I tried, I could configure the size of font from css, the height and content of header from css etc. – but I am rather lost here. Where are the CSS, from which all content configuration takes place?

    thank you in advance,
    from Denmark with trust

  19. Aja


    I am trying to build a site using theme hybrid (News).

    I used front page template. My menu bar has gone missing (the one with links to pages). How do i get it back?

  20. I had a same problem. Any solution for this?

  21. Do you plan to post WP3 compatible version of yours template pages?

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