1. […] $10 Club Memberships […]

  2. Brad Dalton

    Membership is worth a heck of a lot more than $10 based on my experience over the last year.

    $10 is insane!

  3. rusti

    I was a member for years but let my membership lapse. I am a heavy WordPress user these days and use it in my day job now. None of this would have been possible without my membership on the forum allowing me to overcome the typical beginner issues with WordPress.

    Just re-upped so I can have a front row seat on the new redesign. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. […] visit Themehybrid […]

  5. hchouhan

    Wow, excited to see the changes. On another note, if you re-design your site, would it be possible to share the current theme on GitHub or somewhere? I have your custom content plugin but always wanted to see your approach on how those custom content are displayed in the theme.

  6. […] by signing up for the author’s “club”. Just this week, he dropped the price for a one-year membership from $29 to $10, so I went ahead and signed up, then posted about my issue in the forums. Well, I […]

  7. Greg Wallace

    Wow, great offer Justin – sold! Signing up was on my ‘to do’ list so this was a nice incentive to join. I look forward to seeing the changes you make.

  8. frosty

    Is there a profile location to find out when my membership expires? I always just log in and find that it expired and usually renew.

    I feel it’s sometime at the beginning of summer for some reason.

  9. Bryan Hoffman

    Theme Hybrid has been the single most important resource in helping me learn WordPress. Really looking forward to the upcoming changes, thanks Justin.

  10. asheikha

    That is really interesting, I have joined membership today and stay up for in the hunt for more of your wonderful post. Thanks!

  11. Nuno Miguel

    I saw n a screencast yesterday and today I am not able to sign up to the $10 membership. What could I do?
    Please need an answer quickly.

  12. Saharnava

    Hi Justin

    I renew my membership 6 days ago and I paid 10$. As I had a standard membership for 29$ before, and I just paid 10$, I wonder what my status is now. Is it a Standard? or a Developer?
    If it is a Standard, how can I change for a developer? Because I really need to be on a Developer membership.
    Thanks for your help… and thanks for Hybrid. You did more than a wonderful job.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I’ve got a post coming out that explains this. Anyone on the old system (before standard, developer, etc.) will be grandfathered into a developer account. So, there’s no need for you to do a thing.

  13. Saharnava

    Ok great. Thanks!!!!

  14. Miguel Guzmán

    Hi there Justin,

    I’d like to know if this (awesome) offer is still valid.

    I’m already a forum member. But if the offer is still valid, I’d like to extend my suscription. The links lead me to the Theme Club area, and when trying to subscribe, I get a “You are already subscribed or an error occurred.”, (I assume this is because I’m already a suscriber, or the offer might not be valid anymore).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Justin Tadlock

      The offer mentioned in this post is no longer valid. The club membership system has changed. Everyone on the old system, now has a developer account, which is currently being sold at $39. So, if you could “upgrade”, you’d actually be downgrading your account. I’ll be writing a post on it soon.

  15. Joseph

    Hi @Justin Tadlock

    Is there any promo code or just sign up will reflect the promo price?


  16. Joseph

    Hi Justin,

    I just try, but shows me this http://prntscr.com/3yzlut

    Can you please guide me how can I sign up?


  17. Tony

    The $10 promo is over it seems. 🙁 Question when will your stargazer theme support the internal media player?

  18. Laura

    Caught your post too late. I keep dithering between finding the perfect theme or framework and just roughing it and creating my own. So far not much progress on DIY but I’m getting closer on finding something great and ready-made. Hybrid won’t install, says it is missing files. Seems I tried it before with the same results. Anyway, I’m kind of lazy if I don’t do it myself when I can actually figure out CSS (and I bought the books).

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