Revolution in theme design

My upcoming WordPress theme that will change the face of parent/child themes.

Happy 5th birthday, Theme Hybrid!

Celebrating 5 years of Theme Hybrid.

Updates and more

Site, theme, and framework updates for the early spring 2012.

Submit your themes to Theme Hybrid

Theme Hybrid is now officially accepting custom theme submissions to the site.

Theme Hybrid version 3.0

Details on the third iteration (version 3.0) of the Theme Hybrid site.

Quick update about memberships

If you’re having trouble accessing the support forums or documentation, don’t worry. It’s just an unfortunate result of some changes with the underlying code for memberships here at Theme Hybrid. The system must update your membership information. Actually, if you’re logged into the site and reading this post, your information is currently being updated. It’s […]

Membership expired all of a sudden?

Over the weekend, a bug was fixed on the Theme Hybrid support forums. The problem was that some users had access to the support forums but were asked to renew their membership if they tried to log into the main site. The bug allowed users with expired memberships access to the support forums. The bug […]

WordPress services site built off Hybrid Core

Paul de Wouters just opened up a new WordPress services site called WP Consult. What’s so great about it (other than the cool design) is that he built the site off the Hybrid Core framework. Many of you might recognize Paul as one of the awesome people who helps out around the support forums here […]