One of the most advanced, multipurpose themes ever created for WordPress without compromising standards.

Although it may at first feel like you’re only permitted a small design window, working within these constraints is actually quite liberating. With a few broad strokes of the brush, you can quickly create a unique child theme with all of the layout flexibility of the parent theme.


Personalize your site

Forget complicated theme settings pages. Stargazer uses WordPress’ built-in theme customizer to deliver customization options right to you. This means you get to see changes in a live preview mode before ever publishing them to your site. Stargazer also provides sane design options. It gives you the precise tools to personalize your design without breaking things.

Go mobile with your site

Stargazer is a fully responsive design, which means that it can adapt to any screen size. Whether your site’s readers use iPhones, iPads, Android-based devices, or even Windows mobile, the theme handles it all. We recognize that more and more people are viewing the Web on the go rather than on a home computer. Stargazer will look and function beautifully on any device.

Media done right

Stargazer comes equipped with full support of WordPress’ media features. If you want to display a video or audio file, it should look pretty. Stargazer makes this happen. Whether you’re adding a simple image plus caption to a post, inserting your latest YouTube video, or uploading your band’s new album as a playlist, we got you covered.

Ready for any language

Global users matter. Stargazer is one of a kind when it comes to doing the prep work for non-English bloggers. Like any good theme, it is translation-ready and RTL-compatible out of the box. However, the theme goes beyond that. It has custom CSS classes, language-based stylesheets, and is equipped for locale-specific functions files. Global users never had it so easy.

Child Themes

Do you like the theme but want a different look? No problem. Pick from one of the available child themes.