Like the mighty Vikings and tales of their voyages, you need a way to pass on your legacy. Saga is a theme created for storytellers. What’s your story?


Even if you’re not planning on building a child theme, Saga is beautiful without any modifications. It offers writers a unique design for sharing stories while keeping the focus on the content.

Personalize your site

Saga allows you to customize your site and preview the changes before they go live. There are custom color options and a header icon option with 400+ icons to choose from. Integrates with the Custom Header Extended and Custom Background Extended plugins.

Mobile-ready social menu

The theme’s menu is mobile-ready out of the box, so it can be viewed correctly on any device your readers are using. It also automatically includes icons for your favorite social networks if you add them to your menu.

Write with style

Without beautiful typography, your words cannot stand out. Saga makes sure that your type is perfect down to the last pixel. Every element has been accounted for, so that what you write gets the treatment that it deserves.

Pictures & Words

Got the perfect photograph to showcase with your story? On the Web, writers often find they need a good picture to draw readers in. Saga’s use of featured images will make your stories stand out.

Child Themes

Do you like the theme but want a different look? No problem. Pick from one of the available child themes.