Elegant & Poetic

Mythic is a next-generation starter theme designed from the ground up to help theme authors write elegant, intelligent, and modern code.


# Create a new theme application.
$mythic = new \Hybrid\Core\Application();

# Add bindings to the container.
$mythic->instance( 'mythic/customize', new \Mythic\Customize\Customize() )->boot();

# Perform bootstrap actions.
do_action( 'mythic/bootstrap', $mythic );

# Bootstrap the application.

PHP 7+

Mythic is built for PHP 7+ but is back-compatible down to PHP 5.6.  This is a big leap if you’ve been developing on old-school PHP 5.2 for WordPress.  You’ll never go back to old, janky code once you make the switch.

Modern CSS & JS

Mythic utilizes Laravel Mix, which is an easy-to-configure wrapper for Webpack.  You can go as modern as you want with JS and CSS.  Mix will compile and bundle it for you with little effort.

Powerful Framework

Hybrid Core is one of the only true development frameworks for WordPress themes. The framework fixes common WordPress theming issues and provides the foundation.  Mythic was designed hand-in-hand with Hybrid Core 5.0.

No-Headaches Design

Mythic takes on the challenge of creating a standardized markup and class scheme so that you can rapidly create designs using your favorite system. Whether you prefer SASS, LESS, Stylus, or just plain ol’ CSS, we got you covered.

Sensible Markup

Mythic leverages the Block-Element-Modifier (BEM) system for class naming, which works great with CSS build tools.  The default folder structure follows the Inverted Triangle CSS (ITCSS) system for component-based coding, which means for smaller files and no specificity hell.

Code Linting

Don’t sweat writing perfect code the first time around. Mythic comes pre-configured to handle JavaScript, CSS, and PHP linting so that you can check your code later and fix any issues.

Powerful Views/Templates

Take advantage of a template system that mixes new-school ideas without being so foreign that you can’t understand it. It’s completely customizable and allows you to pass custom data to templates while still feeling like WordPress.


Mythic was created to help you get started designing for WordPress 5.0’s new editing interface (Gutenberg). The new editing experience will change the theme design landscape for years to come, and you need to be ready.


Mythic is built on top of the Hybrid Core framework, which has add-ons that you might enjoy.


One of the most advanced and robust breadcrumb systems available that can handle nearly any setup to show the most accurate breadcrumbs for each page.


A better featured image script that handles more scenarios than WordPress’ built-in post thumbnails. Looks for images via meta, post content, and more.


A drop-in library of functions for loading fonts. Primarily, it’s a standardized method of enqueueing fonts from the Google Fonts API with hooks for child themes to modify.


Mythic is provided as a part of the premium membership option. Along with purchase, you get access to support and all of ThemeHybrid.com’s premium themes and plugins.

Premium Membership

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  • Unlimited use
  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year access to Slack community

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