Confessions of Theme Hybrid Addicts

Actually, this is just an archive of testimonials, quotes, and reviews of our stuff, but the above title just sounds so much cooler, right?

I’ve been using Members on nearly every site I’ve built over the past 5 years or so, especially if there are multiple users on a site. Members does what it’s supposed to do, without any problems.

Now this update comes out – much improved UI, option to assign multiple roles per user, option to group capabilities by posts/pages/media/plugins/etc, and other improvements.

Well done!

John Sundberg – Review of Members

I can certainly say that the cost of my membership is truly not a reflection of the value derived — in that after four plus years as a member, I consider my membership PRICELESS and truly consider myself lucky and blessed to have found such a resource to turn to when stuck. Suffice it to say, my WordPress chops would never be where they are today without this community.

Chuck Scott – Forum Post on Theme Hybrid

Perfect plugin. No issues, and it simply works. It’s easy to use as well. I use this plugin on almost every site I build. No reason to have an open admin area for less tech savvy users, always sucks fixing their breaks, but this plugin helps eliminate that possibility.

Andy Warren – Review of Members Plugin

This plugin has been a long time favorite in the VIP Shared Plugins repo. Thanks for the time and effort you’ve invested into making such a useful plugin.

Daniel Bachhuber – Review of Get the Image Plugin

The complexity of the code of many contemporary WordPress themes is discouraging to a hobbyist like me. Tinkering with Stargazer is actually fun — the way all WordPress tinkering used to be.

Dave Bonta – Via Negativa Article on Stargazer

Although it may at first feel like you’re only permitted a small design window, working within these constraints is actually quite liberating. With a few broad strokes of the brush, you can quickly create a unique child theme with all of the layout flexibility of the parent theme.

Sarah Gooding – WP Tavern Article on Stargazer

He creates features so modular, flexible, and future proofed that they actually hurt his business at Much of his work has been copied and pasted in other products without attribution. But like the Louis C.K. of WordPress, whenever he gets ripped off, he moves forward and turn out even more great stuff.

Tung Do – Article

I’ve seen tens, maybe hundreds of different plugins, all with different approaches at creating social profile links in WordPress themes via widgets, menus, shortcodes, and ‘insert this piece of PHP code in footer.php’ and whatnot.

A few days ago I stumbled on what I think is the right way.

Konstantin Kovshenin – Blog Article on Stargazer