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Internet explorer image view 4
Search Box Color 2
How to change the border color? 2
How to edit the font for the subtitle, tagline and footer? 2
The theme shown in my site is different with the one in the demo site 12
H1 on title 4
Static Front Page Thumbnail Count 7
Recommended Flexslider for Picturesque Theme? 3
Building the example site 5
Getting Started 6
Reminder: loop-nav.php's "Next" link is missing span.meta-nav 3
Viewing Picturesque on IE8 4
Remove/Hide Breadcrumb only on Home Page 6
Removing header-image Permanently 2
Bug? Navigation bar doesn't go to the far right (1024 x 768 monitor) 15
Adding Pagenation to Images/Galleries? 8
Adding Content/Text on Static (Gallery) Page 3
3-Column Front Page 2
Image Resizing 3
Pingbacks and Trackbacks 3
Image Resizing, Pingbacks, and Trackbacks 3
Picturesque theme release 12
Picturesque : Yanone Kaffeesatz and faux bold 3
wp_link_pages in attachment? 4
Traduction fran├žaise disponible 4