Cleaner Gallery Topics

Clean up your image galleries with Lightbox support.

Topics Posts
Topics Posts
Struggling with gallery caption 6
Use in Hybrid Themes 3
Album details not showing up in gallery 4
Using Cleaner Gallery within a Whistle 2
Use Fancybox AND disable CSS? 4
Gallery 1.0, HTML5 and IE8 6
Cleaner Gallery Lightbox 2 Plugin 2
Embedding cleaner gallery within non hybrid based themes. 4
Cleaner Gallery with image's description added too. 7
available hooks for cleaner gallery 2
output gallery container as an unordered list 5
Do I need to install plugin? 3
Feature Idea 2
Can the larger image be loaded directly on the same page? 4
Display Issue: IE8 vs. Other Browsers + IE 7 5
why are the full size images being loaded? 15
Thickbox in single images 3
thickbox not working? 5
Cleaner Gallery : add some class to the last-child of a row 4
Link Images To External URL 5
gallery "include" option is not working, Cleaner shows only 1 image instead of 6 4
play a sound with cleaner gallery 4
Cleaner Gallery + Jquery Lightbox, not working 3
How to use cleaner gallery 5
cleaner gallery thickbox not working 5
Is Cleaner Gallery Still Needed for validation? 7
How to add html inside image wrapper 5
How to implement the cleaner gallery? 7
Broken link on cleaner gallery 4
multiple galleries on one page 10