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The default WordPress widgets don’t offer much control over how they are output on the screen. This plugin seeks to correct this problem.

This plugin replaces many of the default widgets with versions that allow much more control. Each comes with highly customizable control panels. Each can also be used any number of times.


The plugin overwrites many of the default WordPress widgets. The following is the list of custom widgets the plugin offers.

  • Archives
  • Authors
  • Bookmarks (Links)
  • Calendar
  • Categories
  • Menu
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Search
  • Tags

Why was the Widgets Reloaded plugin created?

For me and many of my theme users, we wanted the ability to have more control over the output of the default WordPress widgets, which didn’t have enough flexibility.

This functionality is easily done with PHP code. But, for someone unfamiliar with editing theme files and working with PHP, it is not so easy and not nearly as fun as widgets.

Therefore, the original widgets for this plugin were created as a part of the Hybrid Core theme framework, which is where they still live today. However, I wanted to provide a way for users of my themes to also be able to use these widgets, even if they were no longer using my themes. Plus, it would be cool if other WordPress users could use them too. Thus, this plugin was born.