A plugin for showcasing testimonials about your products, services, or brand.


Take a look at the plugin screenshots to get a feel for how it works.

Been testing it this morning. So far so good and not had any issues. Does exactly what I was looking for so thanks a lot! Looking forward to a carousel option then all my bases are covered 😊

Brett Mason

Plugin Features

Create Testimonials

Create an unlimited number of testimonials with the normal WordPress editing screen. Simply copy or write your testimonial content into the editor and save.

Categorize Testimonials

Testimonials can be grouped via custom categories. Organize by product, service, or whatever types of categories fit your needs.

Customize Details

Each testimonial has extra fields to customize. Want to link to the testimonial page elsewhere? Enter a custom URL. Have the author’s email address? Enter it to showcase their Gravatar image.


The plugin comes built in with the [toot_testimonial] and [toot_testimonials] shortcodes for displaying a single or multiple testimonials, respectively.